11 December 2010

Continuing on from last Sunday:

“You should keep your cat inside, Charlie. Lots of dangerous things that go bump in the night around here.” Aidan lifted my chin with his finger so we were eye to eye. “Clear?” I nodded, and he stepped back and handed me the twig. “Have a nice day.”

My car seemed to be the place to remain when I encountered these dangerous and strange men, because I stayed right where I was, pressed into the passenger door, for a solid five minutes after he walked away.

Phew. Charlie finally got out of that one alive. lol

04 December 2010

Sunday again...

I'm going to blog six sentence Sunday early this week. Here we go:

I half smiled and struggled to control my breathing. "Well, the cat brought a bird to the back porch so I put it back in the tree. It might have come from that."

Aidan cocked an eyebrow. "I see," he said very softly. His leg was pressing against mine and the leaf was sitting at the nape of my neck. I focused on his cheek piercing, glinting brightly in the sunlight.

:) Poor Charlie. She can't catch a break in these Sunday bits.