29 July 2011

Guest Blogger Michael Mandrake!

Hi, folks! Here's Michael Mandrake, gracing us with a character interview. Enjoy, and thanks for dropping by!

Character Interview
Michael Mandrake/Sire Jacobs

MM: Good morning fans and welcome to another blog post at Lindsay Klug’s from yours truly, Michael Mandrake. I’ve been everywhere this week-

Sire Jacobs: *clears his throat*

MM: (Michael looks at his guest and raises an eyebrow) Um, right, I have been everywhere but I suppose the most important appearance would be today with my guest, Sire Jacobs. He’s the main character in my latest novella, Binding Justice from the Bound for Romance anthology. Sire say hello to the nice people out there.

Sire Jacobs. *waives* Hullo. (In his British accent) *moves his cane off to the side and winces* Good to be here Michael. Pardon me, the leg’s givin’ me a bit of trouble today. Need to have Justice massage it for me later.

MM: Ah, *smiles* very true and tell the crowd about yourself and Justice?

Sire: Well, I’m a former Naval officer, transplanted from Birmingham, England not Alabama. I’m in my early fifties and I’d been seeking someone to assist me in my old age. My partner, Justice or Jarvis, his awful god given name, is a young bloke who wishes for guidance and nurturing, something he didn’t get at home.

MM: Right, and we find out in the story the two of you have lots in common, more than you thought?

Sire: Yep. *grunts* We most certainly do. He’s a bit younger, actually but I like ‘em that way.

MM: What’s the one word you would say best describes you?

Sire: Flexible. *laughs*

MM: Why would you say that?

Sire: Well because in the story, I learn to change even in my old age. Being flexible and willing to drop old habits is what Justice needed to see from me to accept my proposition. It was quite agonizing really, but very worth it.

MM: Wonderful. Then give us a word to describe Justice?

Sire: Delicious *grins* (Looks starry eyed) *sighs* He is the love of me life you know. He’s everything this old bugger needed to get his old arse back on track. Someday, I might even let him top me. *tilts head* Okay maybe not… He’ll take full advantage of that.

MM: And in the story, he does test you doesn’t he?
Sire: Yeah, the little shit. *smacks lips and rolls eyes* That’s mainly what this tale is about. Testing limits and boundaries and learning our imperfections together. We have more to learn too, I assure you. Get yourself ready to write more Michael.

MM: (Laughs) I will, I will. Okay, last question. What important lesson do you learn in this tale?

Sire: I’d say, being able to love someone even after losing your spouse is okay. I’m fighting Justice every step of the way but his attitude and willingness to love me and accept me for the ol’ bastard I am, made me see I was capable of loving and being loved again.

MM: Well said Sire. We’ll that’s all the time we have. Thanks so much for joining me at Lindsay’s today.

Sire: Thank you, Michael. Now get back to work. You have a sequel to write!


The Literary Triad - http://www.thelitriad.com/#!
Michael Mandrake - http://tabooindeed.blogspot.com
Its Raining Men Blog - http://rainingmenamen.blogspot.com

Blurb - Binding Justice, the only gay fiction romance story in the anthology is a tale of an older man seeking the assistance after losing his wife to cancer. Throughout his life, he has had the desire to be with another man but due to his strict upbringing as well as his time in the armed forces, Sire Jacobs has suppressed those feelings. At the insistence of his gay friend Gabe, he decides to attend a party to find someone of home he can bring this side out. Enter in Jarvis Densley, a twenty three year old gay male, shunned by his parents and looking for someone to mentor and love him.

Apparently, both have similar interests but will Sire's darker desire be what keeps them apart?

Excerpt PG

Sire felt like an old man amongst so many young people. It had been years since he’d been in a place like this.

I’m only here in support of Gabriel.

He reminded himself of that several times. Sire was pretty sure no one coming through that door would catch his eye. By the looks of things he was spot on since the clientele looked to be exactly what he wasn’t looking for.

Did he even know what kind of man he wanted? A young, strong, and pretty one. Not a drag queen or flamer.  

It amazed him he was going over this in his mind as he downed the last of his scotch while still taking in the sights. He never thought he’d get the chance to experience another man.

Still gazing, he noticed Gabe pulling someone’s hand through a crowd. When Sire locked eyes with Gabe, his friend nodded with a smile as the young man with him was turned to the right. After a couple of seconds, Sire got a glimpse of the guy. He was dressed in leather, looking very appealing even from a distance.


Sire sat up on his stool, angling his neck trying to get a good look as the twosome threaded through small throngs of people. Before he knew it, Gabe made his way over with a tall, lanky, gentleman with burgundy hair, brown eyes, chiseled features, and a wry smile. He looked a lot like one of the men on the flyer Gabe had earlier; almost the same outfit, his makeup perfect.

His look was just what Sire wanted.

Gabe grinned, “Sire, this is Jarvis Densley. I been talking with him a few minutes about his choice of clothing. He looks a lot like you asked about, right?”

Sire drew up his lips, stroking his beard.

Jarvis Densley, ugly name for a beautiful man.

27 July 2011

The Factory (7/27/11)

It's Wednesday again, and we all know what that means! Here's a little ditty based on a real life experience from yours truly. I'm sure you can guess where the real life part is. lol, enjoy!

My friends didn’t seem to understand the feeling of wariness I held at the sight of the old blown up factory. “Come on, Sarah,” they whined, tugging me along the decrepit path towards a cracked open door as I dug my heels into the ground. “We’re only going to run in and run out.”

Run in. Run out. Simple enough, right? So I let them lead me into the forbidding door. The stories surrounding the factory were enough to scare the pants off even a seasoned haunted house traveler. Producing ammunition for World War II, thousands of workers were present on the site when a spark from a dropped cigarette ignited a fire. The factory exploded in a shower of fire and brimstone, and every single person inside the building that day died.

Every single person.

Understandably, I felt a tad nervous to enter the scene of a mass death. But I seemed to be the only one apprehensive, so I followed them in. Stupid of me. “Hey, guys,” I whispered as they got ahead of me. “Isn’t there a guy who lives here and guards this place for the KKK or something?”

My friend Beth giggled, waving off my suspicion with a flick of her wrist. “That’s an old legend, Sarah. Geez.”

Our breaths echoed louder than our footsteps as we entered the abandoned building. Adrenaline burst through my body in spurts as I took in the scenery. The old machines sat where they’d been destroyed, forgotten by time and eaten by dust and the vermin that thrive in such festering conditions. A thick layer of filth sat on the cement floor, disturbed only by our footprints, and the moonlight filtered into broken windows, casting ominous shadows in dark corners.

“Okay,” I said with a nervous laugh. “We’re in. Now can we go?”

“What’s the matter?” taunted Justin from ahead of me. “Too chicken to come see the stairs to heaven?”

The stairs to heaven. When the explosion happened, half of the entire upper floor had been blown up, but that single stairwell remained, reaching into the skies like the hand of god.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I am.”

Beth sighed irritably and grabbed my hand, dragging me forward in spite of my suddenly heavy feet. The lack of breathable air didn’t seem to affect her, nor did she have the same feeling of being pulled in four different directions like I did.

We were halfway up the stairs to the second floor when we heard it. Heavy footsteps were barreling down on us from the first floor, streaking across the cement in a determined run, straight for us. Beth screamed and ran up the stairs, and like a fool I followed her.

The footsteps stopped as suddenly as they’d begun, and Justin peeked his head around the stairwell.
“Nobody there,” he whispered. Beth’s haggard breaths tickled my ear as she clung to my arm, as though I would offer any protection.

She giggled, believing the danger to be past us, and continued up the stairs. I turned to follow her, but the hairs on the back of my neck shot straight up and I felt eyes the color of the night boring into my back from the ominous shadows. One hand on the rusted railing, I looked over my shoulder.

A man stood right behind me, his mouth hanging open from a dislocated jaw. Pieces of flesh hung from his cheeks, and one of his eyes rolled in its maggot infested socket.

He reached a skeletal hand towards me as I stumbled back and fell onto the step with a silent scream that refused to erupt from my throat. I felt the blood drip from my cheek as his long, curved nail sank into the tender flesh. He drew his finger back as I watched, wide eyed, and dragged my blood across his tongue. His eye flashed, the pupil enlarging and shrinking, and then a roar began flowing from him. The ethereal sound built in force until I curled into a ball on the stair and covered my ears in an effort to stop it.

When a hand landed on my shoulder, I jolted away and tumbled down three steps onto the hard concrete floor below. Terrified, I stared at Justin and Beth as they watched me. The shadows behind me whispered and convulsed with mal intentions, and I could feel their probing eyes and invisible hands reaching for me.

The screams in my throat finally found their voice, and I shoved past my friends and ran down a long hallway, shrieking the entire way. Glass windows showed me the outside world, teasing my sights with the freedom I couldn’t quite reach. The sun was setting, and to my right, deep within the building, a light shone in a window.

My mind told me to turn back, to run towards my friends and the relative safety of their numbers. But my body deceived me, and my legs kept running towards the light. I rounded a corner and heard soft music playing just before a door down the hall opened and a man skidded into sight.

His shotgun was raised to his shoulder and I briefly registered the manic look in his eyes as I struggled to stop and turn around. But when I looked back, the skeletal man was reaching for me again, and I had no choice but to run towards the lesser of two evils.

When the shot rang out, I hardly felt the slug ripping into my heart and out the other side, leaving a spray of blood on the floor behind me just before my body hit. I felt a hand grab my hair and give me a hard tug and then I was staring at my body and the young man who’d shot me.

The shadows engulfed me and all light faded from my vision.

Run in. Run out. That was the plan.


The other great flashers:


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25 July 2011

Guest Blogger Karenna Colcroft!

Hey, folks! Please help me welcome guest blogger Karenna Colcroft. She's a fabulous author, and has graciously done an interview for my blog today! Enjoy:

Please tell the readers a little about yourself:

I’ve been writing since I was five years old, and started writing erotic romance in 2006 in response to a friend of mine. Up until that point, I’d barely been able to say the word “sex” without cringing, blushing, or both! Believe it or not, I’m pretty shy, except when it comes to writing. I live in the northeastern United States with my two children, my real-life romance hero husband, and two cats, one of whom is trying to turn herself into a scarf around my shoulders as I type this.

How about your latest release?

Decisions, decisions…I had two releases in June. One of them, Reflected Love, is an M/F fantasy novella that’s part of Pink Petal Books’s Spellbound Treasure line. It’s available from the publisher at http://pinkpetalbooks.com/Reflected-Love-by-Karenna-Colcroft.html, as well as third-party sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance Ebooks.

Ralie has moved into a new apartment, and the antique mirror she finds on an online auction site is the perfect addition to her bedroom.

Fae soldier Listrial has no need for the mirror he finds in a peddler’s tent while on patrol. But the mirror calls to him, and the small amount of coin he carries is just enough to purchase it.

Through the mirror, Ralie and Listrial discover each other. Is the mirror powerful enough to bring a human and a Fae together? And can their love surmount their differences?

The other release is a full-length M/M paranormal about werewolves, titled Salad on the Side: Since moving to Boston, Kyle Slidell has met only a few of his neighbors, including Tobias Rogan. Kyle is very interested in Tobias, and is ecstatic to learn that Tobias wants him too. But his neighbors have a secret: They're werewolves, and Tobias is the pack Alpha. When one of the wolves attacks Kyle in the neighborhood garden one night, Kyle learns the truth in a hurry. Now he's a werewolf too-and since he's vegan, he refuses to eat meat. With Tobias's help and love, Kyle must adjust to his new life and protect himself and his friends from a neighboring pack. Salad on the Side is available from MLR Press, http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=KC_SALAD, as well as third-party retailers.

What was your primary inspiration for this book?

For Reflected Love, my inspiration was the need to write a novella involving a magical item that someone could buy. Last year, a group of Pink Petal Books authors and the publisher were discussing doing a “shared world” project in which the world and overreaching plot would be consistent, but each author could put their own spin on it. When I was trying to come up with a story for it, the phrase that popped into my head was, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” I have no idea why that came to me, but because of it I decided to use a mirror as the magical item.

Salad on the Side came about rather piecemeal. One day some writer friends and I on a private loop were discussing a book which had been recently released, about a “reformed vegan” werewolf. One of my friends asked, “How could a werewolf be a vegan anyway?” I was bored and between projects, so I dashed off a short scene about a vegan who had just been transformed into a werewolf and still didn’t want to eat meat. Not long after, an editor friend on another loop posed a challenge: write a hot M/M scene involving whipped cream. I decided my vegan werewolf and his love interest from the first scene should be involved in my answer to this challenge, and wrote up the scene which now appears near the end of Salad on the Side. With those two scenes anchoring the book, the rest just kind of came together. And unlike the werewolf in the book my writer friends and I were discussing, Kyle Slidell, the main character of Salad on the Side, remains vegan even when he’s in wolf form.

Do you have any muses?

One. His name’s Dominic, and occasionally he can be a pain in the ass. Then again, he says the same about me.

Any advice for aspiring writers?

Take your time. Don’t dash off a story and immediately send it out to publishers; take the time to learn the craft of writing, to make sure your story is the best it can possibly be. Send it to critique partners or groups, or to beta readers. It’s better to have a really great, well-written story published two years from now than a mediocre story published now.

If you could be one animal, person, or at a place for a day what/who/where would it be?

If I could be at one place for a day, it would be the summer cottage my grandparents used to own in Nova Scotia. They sold it when I was fourteen.

Five random facts about you:

1. I lost about 90 pounds six years ago.
2. My eyes sometimes change color depending on my mood or what I’m wearing.
3. If I don’t have something where I can see it, I tend to forget about it, so the wall above my desk is covered with notes and things.
4. I’m a cat person, not a dog person.
5. I love going with my husband for rides on the boat he runs for work, but even though he’s offered to teach me, I’m afraid to learn to drive it.

Are you working on any new releases later this year?

Several. My next release, an M/F contemporary novella titled Forever with Benefits, comes out from Ellora’s Cave this Friday, July 29. In mid-August, Passion in Print Press will be releasing my MFM novel Shiny Objects.

Those are the only two I currently have release dates for. I recently submitted an M/F contemporary novella, Help Around the House, to Pink Petal Books and am waiting for a response on that. I’m finishing up the sequel to Salad on the Side, which I’ve titled Veggie 
Burgers to Go. I’m working on an M/F paranormal novel, tentatively called Beta Test, which I’ll be submitting to Passion In Print; it’s also about werewolves and has a few crossover characters from Salad on the Side. (Passion in Print and MLR Press are imprints of one company.) I’m also finishing up another M/F contemporary, Remind Me, about a married couple who go to great lengths to bring back the “spark” in their marriage; I’m planning to submit that one to Ellora’s Cave.
I also write young adult under a different name, and have several projects upcoming or under consideration.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for letting me visit today. I’ll check in off and on to answer questions and comments.

Contact info:

Website: http://www.karennacolcroft.com (my blog is part of that site)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karenna.colcroft
Twitter: @KarennaColcroft 

Excerpt from Salad on The Side:

Ten minutes later, each with an extra-large cup of iced coffee complete with plenty of creamer, sugar, and in my case French vanilla flavoring, we walked back out into the June heat. It was shaping up to be one of the warmest days of the season so far and I was glad we’d taken this walk before the heat became unbearable.
We lived across the street from Boston Harbor, but the water was off-limits to me until I figured out how to get from home to one of the harbor ferry terminals in the city. Walking along, I didn’t even really care about the heat. Tobias studiously sipped his coffee and didn’t look at me, even though I stared at him with all the weight of my frustration. Stared as much as I could without walking into anything, that was.
He didn’t speak until we turned the corner onto Orleans Street which led down to our street. “You’re pissed at me,” he observed.
“You told me you’d explain.” To my own ears I sounded whiny. Hopefully he didn’t think so, though I wasn’t sure his opinion actually mattered to me at that point. “So far all I’ve heard from you is that you slept with Melia and who knows how many other women, you lost the one man you’ve ever loved, and you don’t know if you can handle a relationship with me but some weird bond makes you want to try.”
“You’re misquoting.” He glared at me. “First of all, I never said I didn’t know if I could handle the relationship. I said it might not be easy and that I’d have to be discreet about it. There are people around who I’d rather not find out about anything to do with my personal life.”
“Because they’ll hunt you down and kill you while you sleep?” I said sarcastically.
His tone was perfectly serious as he replied, “They might. Worse, they might hurt you.”
I snorted coffee through my nose. When he’d told me that his former lover had been killed, he’d said it hadn’t had anything to do with their relationship, or whatever he wanted to call it. Now he was telling me that I might wind up dead if I dated him. “You’ve just given me a huge reason to tell you no way,” I informed him after I spluttered for a moment. “I kind of like my life. I’d prefer to keep it for a while.”
“They wouldn’t kill you,” he said grimly. “They’d just use you to get to me.”
“Again, reason to say no.” I shook my head. “I don’t know if all this stuff is really true or if you’re trying to scare me off. Maybe if you told me the whole story instead of bits and pieces? I know you’re keeping something important from me, Tobias, and I don’t much like it. If you’re going to ask me to give you a chance, the least you can do is let me make an informed choice.”
“You’re right.” Thoughtfully, he sipped more coffee. “You’re absolutely right. We don’t know each other very well. I know what I want from you, and I think you want the same thing, but we haven’t had enough time together to really know each other. And that’s my fault, like I said earlier. The last person I felt that instant connection with was Harok and after what happened to him it scared the fuck out of me to feel it with you, so I avoided you.”
“And what changed?” I put a challenge in my voice. “You all of a sudden decided not to avoid me anymore. What is it, the way my ass looks in my jeans?”
He laughed. “That doesn’t hurt, I’ll tell you. But no, that isn’t what changed. I think I’ve just finally decided that sometimes I have to live my life for myself and not just for everyone around me. You’re what I want.” He took my hand. “Can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t want something with me?”
“Right now, yes, I can.” I yanked my hand out of his. “Until I know everything you’re hiding from me, I can’t do this, Tobias.” Even though that brief touch had brought my dick to full attention. Even though I wanted to run home and drag him into bed for the rest of the day. Lust didn’t cover up the fact that he wasn’t being honest with me and I refused to go any farther with this until he was.
“I was afraid you’d say that.” He regarded me so intently I squirmed. “Okay. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, but not right now. We’re doing dinner tomorrow night, right?”
“That was the plan.” Though I’d started questioning how good a plan it was. The whole homemade spaghetti sauce and strawberries leading to a nice romp in bed didn’t seem as much fun as it had before I’d realized how much he had to hide.
“Let’s stick to that plan. Please?” He reached toward me, but to my relief didn’t touch me this time. I’d convinced myself I wasn’t aroused by him and I wanted to keep it that way for the rest of the morning at least. “Let me come over for dinner tomorrow night and I’ll tell you everything I can. Meaning everything I’m able to tell you that doesn’t impact anyone else. There are some things it just isn’t my place to talk about.” He held out his hand. “Deal?”
I braced myself for the contact and shook hands with him. “Deal.”
We walked down the street to my building. At the door Tobias kissed my cheek without even checking to see if anyone was looking. A little spark shot through me from the spot and I reminded myself that I refused to be turned on by him until I had answers to my questions.
“Invite me in,” he growled.
“Not until you let me in,” I countered.
He smiled. “Fair enough. Just be aware that the longer I wait to have you, the longer I’m going to have you. You’re in for a long night tomorrow if things work out the way I hope they will.”
Delightful images raced through my mind and I forced them away. “We’ll see.”
“Yes, we will. Enjoy your coffee.” He started to walk away then turned and added, “Next time you decide to walk around naked, close your shades.” With a wink, he headed back to his place.

24 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hey, folks! Glad to be back and finally have a stable internet connection up here. Since I have a new release pending for a Halloween anthology, here's a little (unedited) bit from that piece. Hope you enjoy, and happy Sunday!
When even the TV screen flipped off, my apartment cast into darkness, save for the moonlight filtering into the window through my cracked blinds. Squirming under the invisible ropes, I gave a strangled choke when a hand shot over the edge of my couch and gripped my ankle. Using my legs as an anchor, the man pulled himself over, moving as a liquid shadow.
His fingers were long claws, raking across my jeans, tearing the fabric and skin underneath. Blood trickled down the side of my legs to meet the couch. He used my hips for leverage to yank the rest of his body onto mine, the claws latching into my side, leaving deep lacerations and drawing a cry of pain from me.

20 July 2011

The Priest (7/20/11)

It's Wednesday and I'm back! Thank goodness, I felt lost last week not composing a flash fiction. Here's a little ditty I whipped up, with intentions of carrying it into a novel. Hope you like it!


Heavy rain beat upon the stained glass windows of the church as the priest pounded on the keys of his laptop. Another letter, but this one would be to the Diocese in Rome, requesting permission to do an exorcism. The parents were convinced the girl was infected with a demonic presence and Father Luke was inclined to believe the same.

With a heavy sigh, he began to read the letter he’d written:

Regarding the case of Lisa Newberry

I arrived at the unassuming home in a quiet cul-de-sac on the 15th of August in the middle of a severe thunderstorm with not a star in sight after a frantic phone call from Mrs. Newberry. An array of vehicles littered the driveway, much to my confusion. Upon entering the home, I was immediately accosted by a woman named Maggie Hialeah, a psychotherapist brought in by Lisa’s grandmother.

Ms. Hialeah, naturally skeptical of my purpose in the home, attempted to convince me my services weren’t needed, and that Lisa is simply suffering from severe schizophrenia, coupled with dementia. As is my duty, I investigated regardless of her claims.

As I neared the stairs, my arms became heavy, legs slower. I felt as though something was trying to shove me back, and this became the first indication in my mind of a supernatural presence. Ms. Hialeah, in stark contrast, moved as though nothing at all affected her, and in fact seemed rather concerned about me.

Each step on the stairs required a great deal of effort, as my shoes suddenly felt as though they were filled with cement. My chest became heavy and breathing laborious, though I am a fit man. The air reeked of sulfur, and when we finally crested the landing, I was greeted with a shocking sight.

Lisa lay in the bed, her hands and feet chained with secure leather straps. The sheets crumpled beneath her as she struggled and hissed at me. But while Ms. Hialeah walked straight towards her and smoothed the girl’s hair out, I fell against the wall with terror flowing to my very soul.

I didn’t see the pretty young woman who had smiled at me from various pictures in the downstairs area, which is also what Ms. Hialeah saw. What presented itself to me was the demon head. Her eyes narrowed and blackened from the usual vibrant blue. The ears were pointed and bulbous, and as she smiled at me, her teeth were formed into viciously sharp points, each one capable of ripping my flesh from my bones. Small horns grew from each side of her bald head, curled and red, ending in a sharp tip just above her forehead.

Like a fool, I lunged forward and pulled Ms. Hialeah back. Alarmed, she immediately withdrew from me and I knew no matter what I said, she would now regard me as a loon, and quite possibly a dangerous one. I thought quickly, and asked to see what sort of treatment she was attempting with Lisa.

Ms. Hialeah sat down with her pad of paper next to the bed and snapped her fingers. Lisa immediately fell into a sleep so deep her entire body collapsed against the bed. I’ve not seen anything like this before. “Now, Father,” Ms. Hialeah said. “What you’re about to hear might bother you a bit.”

“I run confession,” I replied simply, ever a foolish and naïve man.

Ms. Hialeah began asking questions about Lisa’s past. But as she did so, and as Lisa answered, in a soft and feminine voice unbecoming of the vile head attached to her body, the air began to thicken even more. The night sky outside blackened, and a clap of thunder preceded the lights flashing out. We were cast into darkness, save for the lightning hitting the ground outside now and again. In these brief moments of light, I watched a horrific scene unfolding in front of me.

The demon had escaped Lisa’s body. He crouched on her chest, a tiny little man with long talon like fingers, completely naked. Darkness blinded me again. When the room was illuminated once more, he had shifted to Ms. Hialeah’s shoulder. She remained oblivious as he looked towards me and ran his tongue up her cheek. Darkness, and then in the light, I watched, horror stricken, as he…well, he mounted her without her knowledge and emptied his seed into her. The lights came back on just as he climbed onto Lisa once again, and Ms. Hialeah screamed.

She saw him, as well.

The demon winked at her and flicked his tongue out in a crude display before shoving himself into Lisa’s mouth. He dislocated her jaw and pulled her mouth to a disproportionate size to sink in as Ms. Hialeah sprung from her chair and flattened herself against the wall. I, meanwhile, lunged forward in an attempt to grab the demon but he was too quick for me.

Ms. Hialeah has retreated to her home, unaware of what grows inside her.

Respectfully, I…

Luke paused, listening to the faint sound in the hall of the church. A woman’s cries reached his ears. He closed his robe and prepared to counsel someone.

What he instead found was a woman crawling up the aisle, using her fingers as grips to pull herself along. Her protruding stomach made for an obstacle and a trail of blood followed her, smeared down her legs. Luke rushed forward to help her, and when he turned her over he found himself staring at Maggie Hialeah.

Her face gaunt and pale, she stared at him with desolate eyes as her stomach gushed blood. “Father,” she whispered. Luke struggled not to vomit at the sight of her pale flesh wriggling and contorting with the demon child inside.

“Kill it.”


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19 July 2011

Guest Blogger Cassandre Dayne! With Excerpt (R)

Hi, folks! Please help me welcome author Cassandre Dayne, here today talking about delicious accents. You find her stories here, or contact her on Twitter, by email, on her blog, or at her website. Enjoy!

I’ve written about all kinds of HOT men including carved, chiseled, bad boys, dangerous, tanned, flavored (yes – you know what I mean ladies) and power kickers. But one aspect of hot men I haven’t talked about it men with wicked accents. From British to Australian, Spanish to Russian – this girl loves men that have that sexy, sultry accent. Now don’t get me wrong, I also love that hot southern drawl that some men from America have. Perhaps the deep timbre resonates more with me because the voice is different than the norm. I’m not entirely sure.

I developed a friendship with a guy on Facebook early last year. He is a writer part time and we connected on many levels. He knew of my interest in Australia and New Zealand and spent a good deal of time teaching me the difference – and ladies there is a huge difference not only in the countries and the cultures but in the men and how they appreciate women. See, my little hottie is from New Zealand and they do NOT like to be compared to Aussie men at all. Over the course of a few months we talked on the phone and his accent, while he said he was losing it living in the States, was simply irresistible to me.

I was fortunate in that he took be on a virtual tour of where he grew up including pictures and videos and really took the time to tell me about food and family and how they lived. It’s not that it’s so much different than what we have in the States but there are some values that seem to be stronger. Families are protected and the units are extremely close. It was lovely to see his world and I savor the time we spent together.

The other cool thing about my time with him is that he taught me a lot about the lovely Maori language – from so long ago and not spoke as much but I was able to incorporate several phrases in the book. The language is sensuous and full of passion. He always called me ataahua – beautiful and karihika – sexy. It makes me very happy this one is coming to the world and sad that I lost my friend because he was getting too close to me. I hope some day he’ll see this and feel honored. Take a little take of my Taming Paradise.


Would running away to a lush island soothe your broken heart?


Shannon Myers had it with men. Finding her fiancé, Randolph, in bed with a naughty blond vixen half her age did little for her self-esteem and despair settled in. Incensed, her best friend, Amy, whisked her way to a Caribbean island and a well known Hedonistic spot so that she could recover while convincing her to have a wicked fling of her own. Developing a naughty game titled Taming Paradise, the first one that bedded not one but two stunning hunks would win. Her spirit crushed, Shannon refused until she took one look at New Zealanders, Brandon and his rough-hewn friend Kyle and knew that two young studs just might be her ticket to a slice of happiness. Instantly the nights turned saucy as Brandon introduced her to a very kinky society, where all things scandalous were on the menu.

Shannon found herself falling hard, until she realized that he was none other than Randolph’s son and she was embroiled in a ruse that included releasing her inner most secret and very erotic cravings they had shared together years before. Racing back to the states, she was determined to put the experience behind her. However Brandon wasn’t playing a game. He had been in love with her for years and the moment he found out about his father’s behavior, he was determined to win her heart. It took nefarious planning, a surprise visit from Randolph and a series of truths to finally convince her to take a chance with a young man that stilled her heart and filled her every desire.


The cat and mouse game began. With deft fingers she lowered her bikini bottoms, flung the wisp of material over her shoulder and took off in a dash toward the surf praying to God she didn’t look ridiculous racing toward the ocean. She tumbled into the salty water as a wave crashed over her, knocking her to the wet sand.

Seconds later two sets of hands jerked her from the comfort of the warm water and directly in Brandon’s arms. She gasped the moment his hard cock grazed against her belly. The men were now naked affording Shannon her first glimpse of what could only be described as the most gorgeous thick cocks she’d ever seen. Whimpering softly, Shannon resisted the urge to grab Brandon’s.

Kyle gingerly parted her legs and danced his hands up from the inside of her knees to the tender flesh of her inner thighs. “Sexy woman and so very hot. You have no idea what you started.”

Oh, hell yes I did. The dark baritone of Kyle’s accent shimmied off her back and she fought the whimper that caught in her throat. When Brandon captured her mouth and thrust his tongue past her lips, she could taste the harsh edge of his whisky and a hint of spearmint candy. Shannon wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes as the kiss became a force of passion and wild abandon. Brandon’s hands slid down her back to cup her ass as Kyle reached between them caressing and fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples until her pussy flowed from the sweet anguish sizzling her blood.

Their tongues entwined as Brandon held her, grinding his hips into her, his hand opening her ass cheeks and lifting her legs from the sand.

Kyle brushed the golden locks from her neck and pressed kisses across her flesh, then his tongue darted out to mirror the efforts of his mouth.

“You taste like sweet cherries, ripe and fresh for picking,” he whispered across her skin.

Every part of Shannon’s body shook as Brandon and Kyle drove her into a wild frenzy. She entwined her fingers in Brandon’s long locks, as the musky hint of his exotic cologne wafted across her nose. Somehow the warm scent was dangerously inviting and a reminder of just how much she loved having a man take her hard and fast.

Brandon eased her back toward the surf, his kisses growing more frenetic and laced with a dark hunger. He jerked her body to his, holding her tightly as if she might run. “Ataahua, you still me.”

Shannon inched her fingers across his hips and down to the softness of his pubic hair. As his hard cock throbbed in her palm, she shuddered and craved being devoured to the point of exhaustion. He was long and thick and hard, and no doubt hungry for her. She broke the kiss and nibbled Brandon’s lower lip as Kyle eased her back against his cock. Dear God, was it truly possible that both men were built like brick shithouses? That little bad girl that had always existed in Shannon knew the answer. Holy hell, they were hot, studly and offering their bodies on a silver platter and she was famished.

Kyle’s fingers slipped inside her pussy, flexing open and closed in an orchestrated dance, sending a cascade of tingles racing down her spine. All the while he licked and bit her shoulder as he whispered words she couldn’t completely understand, but every whisper of heated breath sent another series of sizzling jolts deep within her pussy.

Brandon yanked her hair, forcing her back into a deep arch and sucked her neck, licking the soft underside of her tender skin as he slid one hand over her breast, pinching and twisting her sensitized flesh.

Shannon moaned and would have been lost to gravity had the water not kept her afloat. The soft waves pushed the three of them together and an amazing rush of sensations flooded her body as Kyle pressed two more fingers inside. Brandon eased his hand over hers, encouraging her sensual movements as he squeezed her fingers around the thickness of his shaft. Needing no guide, Shannon moved up and down on his cock noting every vein, her thumb moving back and forth across the thick head.

Kyle forced his fingers in deeper, driving into her as his other hand wrapped around his leg to tickle her clit in circle after circle, teasing her until she shivered.

“We want you. Will you allow us to make love with you beautiful baby?” Brandon’s whispers were ragged, hoarse from the intensity of his longing.

“Will you allow us to give you every pleasure you so desire?” Kyle added, his destructive glance telling her that his beast had risen.


Every single movement of their hands, their cocks and their lips drove Shannon to the utter brink of sexual rapture and back again. It was as if she was submitting to a pleasure beyond her control. Kyle drove his fingers in and out of her slick pussy as his other hand eased her ass cheeks apart. He slid the tip of his finger inside her dark hole wiggling back and forth. She threw her head back and clawed Brandon’s arms as he lowered his head and nipped first one nipple and the then next, drawing the flesh between his teeth and biting. The water lapped them with gentle waves and Shannon was transported into a mindless field of nothing but tumultuous sensations.

“God…oh God…”

Kyle pressed another finger and then another inside her ass as his other hand worked in a delicious unison driving her off her feet and into Brandon. Removing his fingers from her pussy, he grunted as he continued thrusting his fingers into her ass past her tight ring of muscle. “I’m going to fuck you here,” he breathed.

06 July 2011

Review: Spankdown by Cassandre Dayne

Wow! If you’re looking for a novella to keep your chest heaving while you turn the pages, this is the one.

Ms. Dayne has managed to weave a tale incorporating the element of danger, BDSM, and the always naughty professor-student relationship. Or, rather, students. The main character, Victoria Miller, is a believable and all around likeable person who kept me interested from the moment I entered the story: Victoria Miller stared at the computer screen and growled. Say what? A growl is always a sign of a feisty, if not aggravated and worth the read, character.

The love interest, Drake, comes off as confident and charismatic, or at least enough so to garner the interest of his professor. I’d think to do that, a student would have to exude sexual prowess through his very pores.

The love scenes did not leave me disappointed, either. Ms. Dayne crafts a tale of intrigue, love, and power, and it’s quite amazing to watch the story unfold. I recommend this read for those long nights alone, a day on the beach, the significant wait at the doctor’s office, or hell. Just anytime you have to read.

Number 53 (7/6/11)

It's Wednesday again, and you know exactly what I'm going to say here, don't you? That's right! Time for a flashing. Here's this week's, and don't forget to check out the other great flashers below.

*PROBABLE LANGUAGE WARNING* I honestly can't remember sometimes, so this is a default warning these days. lol

“Number 53!”

I stepped forward and pushed my hair out of my face. The Superior demanded to see our faces when we received our daily ration of bread and meats. The retina scanners wouldn’t work if our eyes were blocked, after all.

“How many in your family, number 53?” The soldier’s voice was quiet and respectful, a stark contrast to the gun hanging behind his back and the jagged scar running down the side of his face from temple to jaw.

“Just me,” I replied. The measly hunk of bread and eighth pound of meat I received would feed me for a whole hour, but they expected this crap to last us for a day. A family of four got a pound of meat and a loaf of bread, barely enough to hold over two kids, much less a husband who had to go into the coal mines and work all day. The family across the hall from me were constantly malnourished, and I often sacrificed my meat for the children.

Number 76 watched as I scurried away, my parcel clutched tightly to my chest. The grey buildings stared down at me, and I knew that any of those windows could hold Superior Agents, watching my every move. But 76 insisted on following me, straight to the backdoor of my apartment building.

“53,” he said in a clear voice.

I froze and swallowed before looking over my shoulder at him. “Yes, 76?”

“Did you see the feral cat?”

A meeting, then. “No. Where was it at?”

“I saw it outside of building 44. I think it’ll be back out around 8 tonight. See you later.” He pivoted on a heel and walked away. I watched until he rounded a corner. Number 76 was the revolutionary of our society, forever trying to find a way to bring The Superior down.

After the war of 2370, the world disintegrated. Literally, the nuclear weapons left everything a shell of its former glory. Farmlands were scorched, cities leveled, and entire cultures decimated. My parents had taken me, just an infant, to the heartland of America, the one place that seemed impermeable. We assimilated into a society, and The Superior took over. He assigned the men to the coal mines and the women were to stay home and bear child after child to strengthen the society.

But my parents couldn’t have any more children. The radiation from the war had rendered mother infertile. When her condition was discovered, she was taken from us and I never saw her again.

I was ten. Number 76 found me in an alley behind The High Command Offices, bawling in an alley. He took me under his wing, just five years my senior but already so much more educated. When father passed away, 76 ensured I had an apartment and a job.

8 o’clock rolled around much too quickly. I stepped out of my door and found the doe eyed little neighbor girl staring at me. Her ribs were clearly visible through her shirt and her cheeks were gaunt.

“Hello, 434,” I said softly and knelt in front of her to pull a small parcel from my coat. “I have some leftover bread, if you want it.”

She reached out with tiny hands and took it slowly. I smiled and patted her on the head before I left. Getting to building 44 was tricky. The Superiors had guards roaming the city at night, and if a woman was caught out alone, I would be in quite a bit of trouble. The grey structure loomed ahead of me, dark and apparently abandoned.

I slipped into an ajar door and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. Nothing moved, and I couldn’t find any light. “Hello?” I whispered. “76?”

A hand shot out from the darkness and grabbed me, dragging me into the shadows with his hand securely clasped over my mouth. I froze and let him take me. If he was a guard, I would be killed for fighting. If he was 76, I was safe anyway.

He pulled me into a dark room and shut a door behind us before releasing me. 76 stepped into the slanting moonlight coming through a window. I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at him. “Hey, 76. What was all that about?”

76 bit his lip and stepped towards me. “53, there’s something you should know.”

“What is it?” The urgency in his voice made me wary.

“I’ve always loved you. I would walk through fire for you.”

I blinked a few times, trying to absorb what he was saying. A loud bang from the hallway made me jump. “I don’t…What’s going on, 76?”

“Everything I’m doing is because I love you. Can you understand that?”

Panic began to seep through me as the loud noises neared us. “76, what are you talking about?”

“I had to do this, 53. To save you, and to save all of us.”

The door burst open behind him, and guards flooded into the room. I screamed and threw my hands over my head as I fell to my knees. Their flashlights honed in on my head, the lights blinding me when I tried to look up.

“That’s her,” 76 said, his voice cracking. “She did it. She killed The Superior.”

My jaw dropped as they wrestled me to my feet and slapped handcuffs on me. A soldier shook his head. 

“It’s always the quiet ones, you know?”

76 hung his head in shame as they led me away, and I knew I would die while he rose to power. The son of a bitch.


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