11 December 2010

Continuing on from last Sunday:

“You should keep your cat inside, Charlie. Lots of dangerous things that go bump in the night around here.” Aidan lifted my chin with his finger so we were eye to eye. “Clear?” I nodded, and he stepped back and handed me the twig. “Have a nice day.”

My car seemed to be the place to remain when I encountered these dangerous and strange men, because I stayed right where I was, pressed into the passenger door, for a solid five minutes after he walked away.

Phew. Charlie finally got out of that one alive. lol

04 December 2010

Sunday again...

I'm going to blog six sentence Sunday early this week. Here we go:

I half smiled and struggled to control my breathing. "Well, the cat brought a bird to the back porch so I put it back in the tree. It might have come from that."

Aidan cocked an eyebrow. "I see," he said very softly. His leg was pressing against mine and the leaf was sitting at the nape of my neck. I focused on his cheek piercing, glinting brightly in the sunlight.

:) Poor Charlie. She can't catch a break in these Sunday bits.

28 November 2010

Six Sentence Sunday!

Ok, continuing on from the last point:

"There's a twig in your hair," Aidan said softly, removing it with a gentle tug.

"How did that get there?" My voice came from somewhere far off and my chest was tightening under the invisible grip of the panic.

Aidan stepped closer and I held my breath and swallowed. "I can't imagine, Charlie, unless you sleepwalk." I shook my head. "Well, I know there's a very lush tree in your backyard that hangs over mine. It has these leaves, and they're kind of rare in this part of the country." I blanched. Tracing the leaf down my jaw and neck, I could feel his warm breath against my cheek as he said softly, "So tell me again, Charlie: Have you been climbing trees?"

:) I really enjoy doing these! Thanks for reading, and see you next week.

24 November 2010

Just a quick note...

To say that I am thankful for all my wonderful family, friends, opportunities, and life! Happy Thanksgiving to all the people who celebrate, and happy weekend to everyone else!

21 November 2010

Six Sentence Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everybody! This is my first official six sentence Sunday posting, so yay for that! Hope you enjoy; this is a writing in progress and untitled as of yet. (Charlie is the female protagonist, by the way) Here we go:

"You look exhausted," Aidan commented.

"Gee, thanks," I replied with a chuckle. "I've been working some long hours is all."

His eyes narrowed. "I see. Been climbing trees recently, Charlie?"

My heart stopped beating altogether and I could have collapsed in my driveway in a twitching pile of death, but instead I raised my eyebrows and smiled. "No. Why do you ask?"

And there you have it. See you next Sunday.

19 November 2010


Got this little bitch up and running again! Updated, revamped, blah de blah. If anyone has issues reading it, etc. let me know. I'm still iffy on the background.

Now that it's good, I'll be doing Six Sentence Sundays! It's a fun little thing in which one posts six sentences of a WIP (writing in progress). Fair warning, and anyone who reads my upcoming release will learn quickly, I have a dark and vivid imagination. Most of my violent tendencies are translated into my writings through dark humor and satirical ramblings.

Enjoy! Mwahahaha!

08 November 2010


...I got an email from NaNoWriMo; they send little booster emails once in awhile to make sure everyone is on track. Fortunately, I'm finished but their lovely words are often things to consider anyway.

This particular one was thought provoking for me. It said, to paraphrase: When you're boring yourself writing, you're boring the reader, too. Strangely enough, a lot of writers don't consider this when penning their next award winning work.

I have read many books in my lifetime; some have stuck with me, like Summer of The Monkeys and Island of The Blue Dolphins. I remember these even in my adult years, even though I read them around age 9 or 10, and that's because they captured my interest. There are books I've read recently (I won't name names) that lost me in the first chapter, but I kept reading for one of two reasons: A) I typically like the author and had faith they would pull it out, or B) I spent money on the book and I'll be a damned whore in Georgia if I'm wasting money.

But in the end, they bored me. If you were to approach me today and say, "Hey, that book you finished last week has a sequel coming out next week," I would have to re-read the entire thing just to know what is going on.

As a writer with a vivid imagination, I tend to follow my own story and if it's not going somewhere that is interesting to me, I'll take out entire chapters or scratch the whole thing and start from scratch. There's no reason to press onward just because you want it to fit the mold your mind conceived.

That's another thing I've noticed. A lot of the writers I talk with write from outlines. They formulate entire stories chapter by chapter and fill in the blanks. That's awesome. I can't do it. Any story I ever write comes from the character.

The character decides where we're going for the day. Take Delila, for example. She led me all over the world before finishing her tale and now I'm excited to say her story will be in print and available for everyone next year!

There's Abigail, who came up from prostitution; Beth, who is a recovering heroine addict - She's on the lam right now; Mel, who is taking a breather and hasn't spoken for awhile; Alice, on the run from the government; and the latest: Charlie (Charlotte), whose story is just beginning to take shape on paper. Each character has their path in mind, and lead me where they're going.

And that's the random thought of the week, folks.

25 October 2010

I hate you and your demonic whims, technology.

Lat week, I learned I am going to become a published author with Silver Publishing! Yay!

This week, I decided to make the novel a series because the characters lend themselves to that. Yay!

Today, 31 pages and 25k words or so into the second book, my software decided it hates me and took all my 25k words and turned them into this:


Line after line of '#' for 10 pages. Unfortunately, my last restore point saved my progress. All 2 pages of it.

Pardon me while I go scream/ram my head through a cinder block wall/throw my laptop into a steaming pile of dog shit.

10 September 2010


I can't escape writing about something political/newsworthy/otherwise interesting. I'm sure you've heard the recent flap about burning a Quran. If not, you can find it here *insert any news website across the globe*. Or go here. Either way.

Now that you've read the article you may be saying to yourself, "Why is this such a big deal?" Here's why: Burning a Quran, though within our constitutional rights as a means of expression, will not only cause undue attacks on our troops abroad, but also serves to stoke already high tensions between the Muslim world and America.

Since this Dove guy decided to falter, several other "organizations", such as they are called, have offered to step up to the plate. These people are jumping on the bandwagon and obviously seeking their 15 minutes of fame. Not that Westboro hasn't had it; picketing the funerals of soldiers and calling America a doomed immoral country will get you notoriety.

Quite a few people will point out that Muslims have burned Bibles and crosses. These are not countries that adhere to the same morals and ethics we in America do. They stone people to death for things we barely blink at. They cut off hands of thieves. As if they're going to think twice about burning a book.

Still others will point to the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries. Did you catch that? In Muslim countries they persecute Christians. Imagine that. A person considered an infidel being persecuted in a Muslim country. I take issue with people not being allowed to worship their God freely - if it were in America.

Here's what rubs me wrong about Christians: They believe their religion to be superior to all others. Muslims consider Islam superior as well; here's the difference: While Christians believe the world can be "saved" with hearts and minds, Muslims believe the world can be "converted" with brute force. Neither side is correct in their beliefs. Christians become swollen with the intention of doing right by God and go out to minister to people who probably don't want to hear it.

When a person of Islamic customs switches religion and denounces Islam, they become an apostate. Apostates get Fatwas issued, which means they will be put to certain death. An Imam issues the Fatwa, and devout Muslims follow what their Imam teaches. When a Christian goes into a Muslim country in an attempt to convert Muslims, they will not be welcomed.

As has been studied and discovered multiple times, the ultimate victory in the Quran is world domination of Islam. Everyone who does not conform to Islamic values is considered an infidel to the more extreme factions of Islam. And yes, there are moderate and extreme Muslims, just as there are moderate and extreme Christians.

Back to my original point: These pastors claim they're doing this to enlighten people. All they are doing is providing propaganda fuel for the extremists and jihadists. Unfortunately, that 15 minutes of fame is more important. No wars are going to be won by one or two people burning a book.

This war is not going to be won, anyway. This is one that has been raging since the inception of religion. Good luck declaring a winner here.

15 March 2010

RIP, Adele

Today is a sad day; my cousin-in-law, Adele, has lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis. She was a fighter, but the 2nd double lung transplant did not go well for her.

RIP, Adele. You'll fly with angels now.

04 March 2010

It's National Grammar Day!

Today, my dear friends is National Grammar Day!!! Oh, wow; it's better than chocolate, and sex, and both combined.

(I'd like to retract the prior statement. Better than chocolate? Yes. Sex? No, no, no.)

Here's a website set up for this grand and glorious day! And some tips from yours truly!

1. Their and there:
*This is their ho and I'm going to place her over there where they can see her clearly.
2. Your and you're
*You're tripping, dude, this is your ho.
3. Whether and weather
*Whether or not she's my ho is not the question. Trippy weather we're having lately.

Happy grammatically correct day! May your prepositions be plentiful and your adverbs be prosperous!