08 August 2013

Blast: Cover of Darkness

Happy Thursday! Please enjoy today's guest, Gregory Delaurentis!

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A high profile murder of a Wall Street executive in Westchester pits three people against the criminal underbelly of Manhattan nightlife. The key players are two ex-cops turned private investigators—Kevin Whitehouse, whose sharpest tool is his keen analytical mind, and David Allerton, a former Special Forces operative—and Margaret Alexander, Kevin’s lover. In their search for a killer, they are forced to travel to the edge of sanity and morality, while stumbling onto their own confusing secrets as well. The Cover of Darkness is a gritty noir saga that untangles a web of deceit in the course of tracking down a brutal murderer.


The pool area was wide and reflected the sun on this hot summer day. It was edged with white marble so polished that it looked like pearl. Deck chairs lined the sides of the long pool, which was two lengths more than Olympic-sized. Outside the deck area was the carpeted lawn of the vast backyard, dappled with sun.

Hugh Osterman walked along the side of the pool wearing a heavy terry cloth robe and sandals. In his right hand, he held a martini glass. He ran his left hand through his sandy sun-streaked hair as he looked over his shoulder at the man following him.

“What’s going on? I don’t get it,” Osterman said, stopping at the end of the pool where the flotation chairs were kept.

“They said no,” the man replied. Considering the backdrop, he was incongruously dressed in a dark suit and tie.

“They said no . . . just like that?”

Osterman sat his drink down on the marble surface, and pushed a flotation chair into the deep end of the pool, sending it out and away. Then he peeled off the robe and dove smoothly into the water, emerging next to the floating chair.

“You go back and tell them that we aren’t pleased,” Osterman said sternly, pulling himself up and into the seat of the chair. “You tell them that Hugh Osterman wants to know what’s holding things up—what the problem is.”

The suit just stood at the edge of the pool, opening his jacket against the heat of the day. Osterman paddled to the side, and reached out and retrieved his martini glass. “I take it you have nothing to say about this?” he persisted, despite the other man’s silence.

The suit shook his head.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Osterman said as he tipped the glass up to his lips. Suddenly, the bottom of the stem shattered. Osterman gurgled as he dropped the glass, blood bubbling from his mouth, an open tear in his neck. He jolted upright in the chair as the suit closed the distance between them, his Colt .38 Super still trained on its victim, its silencer smoldering.

Osterman slowly sat back as the suit pumped more rounds into Osterman’s bare, well-defined chest—the hot shells of his pistol ejecting out and striking the surface of the water, settling to the bottom. His life ended as his body tumbled from the floating chair, his blood a widening crimson slick roughly in the area where his body slipped through.

The suit popped his clip, slipped in a new one, and headed for the sprawling house.



I don’t have many tips for researchers. I don’t know how well a researcher I am myself. One thing that I do know when I’m researching is that I look for primers first. I usually get these from the Internet just to get an overall view of what I’m researching. A lot of time I’m researching the law, and those topics can become downright arcane. The need for an overview is as important as in-depth research itself. It gives you a sense of confidence as you move forward into the deeper things of the subject you are researching. Otherwise, to me, you are jumping off at the deep end of the pool.
Another tip is to not get too involved into what you are researching unless your novel calls for it. Case in point: the gist of my story was a murder, but two crooked cops were being investigated at the same time. What was needed by me was to research a department of the NYPD that does the investigating of officers that have been accused of wrongdoing. So I began researching this department, jumping in and delving deep. After a few days I was hip deep in study, juggling all types of data and frankly I was drowning in information. But what was more important was that the research was taking over the focus of the story which was a murder. At this point I hit the brake, simplified my explanation of the department and went back into my story, diminishing the investigation of the two officers and bringing to the fore the investigation of the murder. The moral of this story: keep your priorities. When it comes to research, don’t lose track of what your novel is about and research accordingly.
Finally, is your research all that important? It’s nice to be able to point out erudite facts on a subject, and it makes you look like you know what you are talking about, but are these facts germane to the story or does it inflate your ego? I know this is a strong statement because if you write about something it’s important to be an expert about it, but not all the time, and not concerning everything. The best thing to be an expert about is your story and your characters. Don’t get lost in scholarly explanations of subjects or terms or places when you should be concentrating on developing your story and keeping your readers from being bored with external things.
Like I said, I don’t consider myself the premiere researcher, but I do my studying accordingly and in conjunction with my story so that one does not outshine the other.


Gregory Delaurentis spent his adult life roaming from job to job, working for Lockheed in California, various law firms in New York, and financial firms on Wall Street. Throughout this period of time, he was writing—unceasingly—finally producing a large body of work, albeit unrecognized and unpublished . . . until now. Cover of Darkness is the first in a series of upcoming books that include Edge of Darkness, Pale of Darkness and Cries of Darkness. These novels follow the lives of three individuals who do battle bringing criminals to justice, while they struggle to understand the complex relationships that exist among themselves. This intriguing trio has absorbed the attention of Mr. Delaurentis for the past year and a half, so much so he decided to self-publish their stories to bring them to a wider audience. [AUTHOR’S DISCLAIMER: These are works of fiction. Name, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.]
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30 July 2013

Blast: How You Leave Texas

Trick answer: You don't!

No, I'm just kidding. Seriously, though, even if you leave Texas, it never leaves you. Welcome to today's guest, Alana Cash!

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How You Leave Texas is a volume of three short stories and a novella about four young women who leave Midland, Austin, Fort Worth and Mayville, Texas for New York, California, Jakarta, and in one instance, jail.  They seek escape from boredom and sorrow and find it.  The stories are hilarious, tragic, revelatory.


Here is an excerpt from the short story Camille's Net Worth  

She was late to work at Fastbinder’s Mortgage Company, and when she arrived, the atmosphere in the office felt charged. Something was up. The top managers were in an unscheduled conference call and no one knew why. No one was working, so Camille called her mother to thank her for the flowers that were already sitting on her desk.

“What do you and Walker have planned for tonight?” Elaine Morgan asked her daughter.

Camille explained about the dinner.

“What is he getting you as a gift?”

“I don’t know, Mom. I’ve looked everywhere.”

“Well, have a wonderful time, honey,” her mom said.

It was ten o’clock when Camille got off the phone. The accounting department surprised her with a birthday cake, sang to her, and gave her the card they had all signed. Five minutes later, the managers were out of their meeting and everyone got canned by one loud announcement from the District Manager.

“We’re sorry to have to tell you that you are all let go.”  That is all that Camille would ever clearly remember.

The mortgage company was belly-up. Those few employees who were retained were being transferred to the Las Vegas branch. Everyone was in shock and had no time to express outrage or disappointment because they were told to pack up all of their personal belongings and exit the building immediately. Camille took the elevator down the four floors, amid grumblings from secretaries and mortgage brokers. What about our benefits?  I didn’t take all my vacation this year. Someone ought to blow up the building. I stole a printer.

Alana Cash is an adventurer.  She’s trekked alone through war-torn Serbia and has slept in a KGB interrogation room in Prague.  She’s been to a gypsy fair in rural England, a bullfight in Laredo, and parasailing in Acapulco.  She’s been inside the New York Stock Exchange and eaten in J. Pierpont Morgan’s home dining room.  She's gone on a ride-along in a New York City patrol car and kissed a man inside the Norman Bates Psycho house at Universal Studios.  She’s been a lifeguard, legal secretary, accountant, writer, teacher, filmmaker and artist.

Her experiences are inspiration for her work as an acclaimed writer and filmmaker. 
  • She was one of 60 US teachers profiled on the PBS series, "A Writer's Exchange," for her talent as a teacher at the University of Texas Informal Classes  - many of her students published and won writing awards
  • Her feature film, "Tom's Wife," based on her novel of the same name, won awards all over the world
  • Her documentary "Anna Freud: Under Analysis," part of documentary trilogy on women in science, was translated into German for broadcast in Austria, Germany & Switzerland

22 July 2013

Natalie Gayle

Happy Monday! Today's guest is Natalie Gayle, author of  Finding Judgement, who's gracing us with a character interview. Enjoy!

An Interview with Rory and TJ

Hi everyone, Natalie Gayle here.  Today I’m interviewing Rory Southall, who you’re all getting to know as the incredibly sexy and caring lead from Finding Judgement.   (He’s just about busting a gut laughing at how I’ve described him.)  And his gorgeous wife, TJ Walsh or is it Southall?  (she’s giggling and waving her hand assuring me she’s good with either.  Rory’s telling me very firmly it’s Southall.  – Okay message received!)

Well I can say getting an interview with Rory and TJ was a damned sight easier than what I had to go through with this team mate and good friend Brayden, who you may know from Finding Trust.  For that Rory, I’ll be eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you.

We’re sitting out on the back deck of Rory and TJ’s new beach house, and when I say beach people I mean beach.  You can walk down the back stairs pass to the side of the plunge pool and through the back gate and you’re on the hot golden stuff.  Well let’s dive in and see what they’ve been up to.

NG:  Wow this house is awesome – how on earth did you find it?

(TJ looks up at Rory and nudges him slightly.)

RS:       Oh you want me to answer this one?
TJ:        Well der, you did find this place.
RS:       Well actually it was me and the kids if I’m being totally correct. Katie and Marcus spotted it from the road and then I just charmed the previous owners out of their beach pad.
TJ:        They didn’t stand a chance! (she says turning to grin at me – we have one of those female connection moments)

(I can totally understand what she means, Rory just oozes genuine charm and you just want to please him.            She’s right – the previous owners didn’t stand a chance.)

RS:       Well that’s not totally true Pixie, I did pay them a very big fat wad of cash to sweeten the deal. 
TJ:        No doubt it helped Surfer Boy, but you know as well as I do they would have struggled to say no to you. 

(Mmm, I’m going to have to agree with TJ on this one).

NG:      So speaking of the kids, how are they settling in?  They’ve been through a lot in the last few months. 

TJ:        To be honest the kids are doing much better than I thought. I really expected that we’d have more issues with them.  Sure they have their days, but overall they’ve settled in really well.
(TJ turns to Rory and gives him a little smile and nod encouraging him to go on).
RS:       Yeah they’re good kids but that’s hardly surprising given what a great older sister they have. 
(Rory gives TJ a cheeky grin and squeezes her thigh playfully)
TJ:        Flattery will get you everywhere as you know!

(Oh wow, it’s getting hot around here already.  That got me to thinking.)

NG:      So how do you two manage to carve out some privacy given that you’re realistically still very much newly weds?

(Rory cleared his throat and smirked at TJ – she just shrugs and flutters her eyelashes playfully back at him)

RS:       Well one of the attractions with this house is that the master bedroom is on the top floor at the back and the kid’s bedrooms are on the bottom floor down the front.  The house is also constructed of suspended concrete slabs to cater for the harsh salt elements so it’s actually quite soundproof.  Even I have trouble at times hearing through it. 

(Well that was revealing and also gives us a great insight into the construction of the house!)

NG:      Come on guys – our readers need a bit more than that.  They want to know if it’s still hot and steamy between you two. 

TJ:        Ah Nat you can see okay can’t you? ……….My husband is every woman’s dream.  He’s smart, caring, considerate, funny and he has the body of an Adonis. And he’s not full of himself.  What’s not to love and get all hot and bothered over?  Maybe your question should have been how do I keep my hands off him?

(Mmm excellent point TJ – always knew the girl was smart!)

RS:       Pixie’s too kind.  I’m just a guy that’s very happy because I’ve managed to find myself an amazing woman that totally understands my idiosyncrasies  and what it means to be with me.  The fact that she’s a blonde goddess and comes with a family are just bonuses to me.  I’ve always said the universe loves me and she does. 

(I look between them letting them know their answers were all well and good but seriously they dodged the question.)

(TJ huffs a little)

TJ:        Oh all right – the sex is off the charts smoking hot.  That’s what you wanted to know wasn’t it?

NG:      Yes thank you – that will do nicely! 

(We all just laugh at that one.  And I can tell just by looking at them, how close they’re sitting and casually touching, it’s the truth. The chemistry between them is blatantly obvious). 

NG:      So what are you both up to work wise?

RS:       Well I’ve just been finishing off some of our mandatory annual training but the boss gave me a heads up that I’m about to get assigned to a new case. 

NG:      Oh anything interesting?

RS:       Yeah, I think it will be. Dylan’s taking the lead on this one.  I don’t know many of the details just that it’s something to do with illegal drugs in sport.

(Well that does sound interesting).

TJ:        So will I get to meet any famous sports people? 

(Rory turns to TJ in mock horror)
RS:       What am I just a means for you to meet famous rock stars and sports people?

TJ:        No, but I’m just curious.  Brayden is so normal I was just wondering if sports stars are the same? (she shrugs)

RS:       Well I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out.  Besides you’ll be too busy with school to get too involved with what I’m doing.

(he’s teasing her something shocking people – you just know Rory will do anything to make her happy and she’s no different with him.)  

TJ:        That’s true but you know how these things seem to play out;  somehow we all seem to get involved.  And I’ve only got a couple of weeks left before I graduate.

NG:      So how are the rest of the gang?

RS:       Why don’t you just say what you really mean – which is what are Jazz and Quade up to?

NG:      Because I didn’t want to make it so damned obvious that I was curious as to where these two have got up to.

(Rory and TJ both just laugh at this)

TJ:        Well that’s what we all want to know.  Something’s going on or has happened but neither are talking. 

(Rory nods confirming this.)

RS:       Yep – Big Time.  If anything it’s got worse between them.

(Wow people, that’s interesting and hard to believe all at once. Guess I need to go grill Brayden and Rihanna a bit to find out what’s going on).

NG:      Okay guys final question for this part of the interview, and yes I know it’s the question that newly weds always get asked so why should you two be any different?  When can we expect little Rory and TJ’s running around?

(both of them look at each other and burst out laughing and share some sort of private exchange)

NG:      Right – what am I missing here?

RS:       Ah – nothing that’s just our prearranged response to that question.  We figure if you think you its okay to ask it, we think its okay to respond like that. 

(Have I just been politely put back in my place?)

NG:      Seriously guys – please give me something?

TJ:        How about this Nat – when it happens you’ll be the second to know.

(I smile and agree)

NG:      I can live with that.  Anyway thanks so much for letting me come and visit with you both. 

RS:       Thanks for telling our story and you know we don’t mind if you drop back in soon to see what we’re up to.  (He gets a very devilish look in his eye and TJ blushes).  You never know what we might be up to. 

NG:      I’ll take you up on that Rory. 

Till next time. 

You can read Rory and TJ’s story, Finding Judgement for yourself at:

Book Blurb—Finding Judgement

Rory Southall’s dreams have been haunted by the beautiful blonde pixie he’d helped three months ago.  Imagine his surprise when his next assignment is to investigate none other than the very same woman.  

TJ Walsh is holding on to her family’s trucking company by a thread.  For the last two and a half years, she’s been trying to keep the debt-ridden business afloat and her family fed.  She’s driven and desperate to make ends meet. But she remembers every detail of a chance meeting three months ago with a handsome stranger. 

What happens when a simple supply chain investigation morphs into a deadly web of lies and deceit and TJ finds herself squarely in the middle of it? It seems that very same handsome stranger has rescued her again, but how could that be?   And how exactly does the illegal genetically modified products he’s investigating have anything to do with her? 

How will she cope with knowing the danger is much closer to home than she thought? When everyone seems to be gunning for them, can she find love and salvation with Rory before it’s too late?

 About the Author

I recently discovered those school vocational assessments are really interesting and probably correct!  Who would have thought hey?  You see I clearly remember taking one of those in Year 11 (for my US friends I think that equates to junior year in high school).  Anyway semantics.  Well the results came back indicating that I should pursue a career in writing and something else.  What that something else was I can’t remember but the writing thing stuck in my mind.

Sure I’d always liked English and had already developed a ravenous appetite for romance novels by the age of sixteen – but who becomes a writer straight out of school?  So to cut a long story short I went to Uni and studied Business and ended up managing large scale IT projects shortly after. 
I can’t complain it’s been a great career and I’ve done some awesome projects and meet some incredible people and I won’t be giving it up anytime soon.  Anyway I’ve messed around with a couple of “secret” novels over the years and I finally decided to get serious and finish one.  Hence “Finding Trust” came about.  And about twenty years later I’ve finally proved a vocational assessment correct, because I love writing! 

As to some other stuff about me, I live on the Gold Coast, Australia.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  When I’m not sitting behind a screen playing with IT or writing you might find me down the beach playing in the waves on a jet ski or a bogey board (both are uber cool).  When the weather turns a bit cooler (doesn’t really happen on the Gold Coast), we like to head for the snow.  I’ve discovered I have two kids that are kamikaze skiers – they must take after their father. He’s always at me to “release the handbrake.”  Apparently I’d ski so much better.  I call it a healthy understanding of self-preservation and gravity!  

I like to think I can fit in a few workouts and martial arts classes each week.  This tends to be a figment of my imagination more than reality unfortunately.  I am trying to remedy this, but those damn characters just keep demanding to have their stories told and well – there’s always another good book to read!

I hope you enjoy mine. 

Please drop me a line I’m active on FaceBook, Twitter and of course here!  I’d love to know what you think of my books and well let’s be truthful – I love talking about books whether they’re mine or someone else’s.  Fiction is just so much more fun than reality!!!

Happy Reading
Natalie Gayle

17 July 2013

Blast: Just Perfect

Happy Wednesday! Today's guest is JoMarie Degioia, with Just Perfect. Enjoy!

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William Chesterton, the Earl of Chester, might be the perfect gentleman, but his feelings for Constance Bridgewater are anything but gentlemanly.

Constance Bridgewater, the daughter of the late Earl of Bridgewater, might be the perfect lady, but her feelings for the Earl of Chester are anything but ladylike.

They both know that if they were together, everything would be just perfect.

So what is keeping them apart?


London, England 1825

William Chesterton, the Earl of Chester, sat in his comfortable parlor swirling an untouched glass of brandy in his hand. Spring had come at last to London, though the April evening was still chilled and damp. His staff had seen to the modest fire burning behind the grate, and the warmth lulled him into a false sense of serenity. It did nothing to dispel the turmoil deep inside, however.

Most of the ton, his closest friends included, believed he was a steady man with a calm demeanor. That was true, for the most part. In the whole of his life, from his privileged childhood through his early ascension to the earldom upon his dear father’s passing, he’d been as steady as the Thames. Stalwart companion, dutiful only son, closest confidant. It was all so bloody boring.

He drank from his glass at last, his eyes on the fire. Tonight had gone just as so many nights before. The season was in its early stages and yet the parties and frivolities had already started. He’d joked with his friends, danced with their wives and sisters, and made certain not to show undue attention to marriage-minded young ladies. Their mothers would love to snare the calm and affable Earl of Chester for their daughters. That was certain.

He’d played his part as was expected, and even managed to ignore the urge to dance with one particular young lady more than the allotted two times. It had nearly killed him. Constance Bridges, the late Earl of Bridgewater’s daughter, was the only woman he wanted for more than two dances.

Her lithe body, her pale golden hair and sparkling gray eyes, were like no other woman’s he’d encountered. Last year, at yet another interminable house party, at one of his happily married cohorts’ estates, he’d attempted to make her see she was more than a pleasant diversion. He wasn’t merely a willing dance partner or riding companion, either. He might have acted a bit wild, however, and no doubt frightened her out of her wits.

He lifted the glass to his lips again and smiled. Ah, but that five seconds he’d spent holding her close, her breath warm on his cheek, her pink lips so close to his . . . he still got hard thinking about the heat she hid beneath that alabaster skin. He’d seen burgeoning knowledge in those gray eyes of hers, too. She’d wanted him. He’d stake the considerable estate his father left him on that fact.

She was a puzzle, to be sure. So serene and bashful on the surface, yet he knew she was more than the perfect picture she presented. He downed his brandy and let out a frustrated breath.

He was tired of playing the nice fellow. If he risked his lauded reputation in the process, so be it. He wanted more in his life than polite dinners and mildly pleasant diversions. He wanted love and passion and everything his friends had been lucky enough to find.

He knew Constance was the one to show him that heat. He drained the glass, letting the smooth liquor burn pleasantly down his throat.

He couldn’t wait to find out just how hot the fire inside her burned.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

 JoMarie DeGioia has been making up stories for as long as she can remember, and has spent years giving voice to the characters in her head. She’s known Mickey Mouse from the “inside,” has been a copyeditor for her town’s newspaper, and a bookseller. She writes Historical and Contemporary Romances, along with Young and New Adult Fantasy stories. She divides her time between Central Florida and New England. You can contact her at JoMarie@JoMarieDeGioia.com

Buy Link:

16 July 2013

Review and Interview With Faith Sullivan!

Happy Tuesday! Today's guest is Faith Sullivan, author of Heartbeat. Enjoy!

P.S. Giveaway! $25 Amazon gift card. Enter here.


Katie and Adam are afraid of love.

She carries the scars of a first kiss gone terribly wrong.

He uproots his life to flee the stinging betrayal of an ex.

When trust is no longer an option, all romance is suspect.

As a young paramedic, Adam rescues people for a living but cannot save himself. Katie, just out of high school, struggles with a tortured home life she cannot escape.

Everything changes when Katie hops into the front seat of Adam's ambulance. Overwhelmed by what they are feeling, neither possess the confidence to make the first move. They walk away from each other, full of regret. 

To find her, Adam risks his future. To be with him, Katie sacrifices her security. 

Little do they know, what little time they do have, is being measured by a heartbeat that is slowly dying out.


Adam’s voice brings me back to reality. 

“Yeah, I gotta get going. I’ll be seeing you,” he says. 

He is moving away from ‘Little Miss Perfect’ and heading in my direction. This is my chance. If only he didn’t flirt with that damn receptionist. I can’t risk it. I’m not turning around.

I can feel his eyes on my back as he walks behind me. 

My subconscious is in a state of turmoil. 

My hopeful side is screaming, “Turn around!” 

While my cautious side is intoning, “You saw how he talked to that girl who’s a hundred times better looking than you. Don’t be stupid. Use your head. Don’t get caught up in some romantic delusion that doesn’t exist. You don’t need more heartache in your life. Just let him go. If he wants you, he’ll make a move.”

I’m a chicken. I let my cautious side bully me into submission. I don’t move a muscle. I look straight ahead. My shields are up. No one can break down the walls I place around myself.

And he keeps walking. He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t say a word to me. No tap on the shoulder. No ‘hey, how are you doing?’ Absolutely nothing.

It hurts. It really does. I hate it when I’m right.


Kindle ($0.99) 

Amazon paperback ($5.99) 

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iBookstore ($0.99)


I really hate talking about myself. My goal is to have the shortest author bio imaginable. I would much rather have a conversation with my readers.

Are you able to escape within my pages?
Does my writing make you feel something?
Are there characters that you can't get out of your head?

Let me know! 

Follow on Twitter at @_FaithSullivan_



I opened Heartbeat expecting a typical, but well written romance. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, conflict, happy ever. Right? That's what you get a lot of these days. But Heartbeat really drew me in. It isn't a typical love story. Katie is dealing with an abusive father, and then her Grandmother goes into the hospital after a car accident. Adam is throwing himself into school and work in an attempt to forget his past.

But man, the stars line up and toss these two together and what transpires is the sweetest little love story I've ever read. The entire piece is written in first person, which I normally shy away from, but in this it just moved the story along nicely. I enjoyed watching Katie grow from a shy, wilted flower into a shy, blooming tree. Some things never change. And as the hero, Adam was very likeable and I grew quite fond of him. The ending really blew my mind, too. I had to read the last chapter a second time to make sure I'd read it right.

I recommend this book, and this author. It's obvious Ms. Sullivan knows what she's doing with a pen.


Welcome to my little old blog! Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a New Adult author who focuses on contemporary romance.  

Thanks! How about your most recent (or upcoming) release?
TAKE ME NOW (scheduled for release in August 2013 or sooner) is about the internship from hell and how the right man turns it all around.

Now for the fun. Llamas or camels?
Camels because you can ride them.

You’ve just been cornered on the street by Steven Spielberg, who wants to make your book into an epic three part movie. Who’s going to play the leads?
For the HEARTBEAT series, I have the late River Phoenix as Adam, Bonnie Wright who played Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter as Katie and Erica Tazel who plays Rachel on Justified as Jada.

You’re the President of the world! What’s your first new rule?
To get people out from behind their computers and out into nature.

If you could be locked into one of your stories, which one would it be? Which character would you be and why?
Probably Michelle from UNEXPECTED because she conquered her fears and got her happy ending.

Here’s a box of Crayons. What are you going to draw?
A hand turkey because that's about the extent of my drawing ability.

Where can we find you around the vast interwebs?

And where might we find your books for sale?

Thanks for dropping by! Any other thoughts?
Thanks for giving an indie author like me a voice in the book blogging community.

Other titles available by Faith Sullivan:

Title: Take Me Now (Take Me Now, #1)
Author: Faith Sullivan
Expected release date: July 16, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult

Ebook available at:

Kindle ($2.99)

Nook ($2.99)

Goodreads link:

Book Description:

How do you survive the internship from hell?

Don't fall in love.

Ivy thought being a reporter-in-training at the Independent Gazette would be her dream summer job. Little did she know, interviewing Eric, a landscaper with a heart of gold, would derail her plans. It turns out Ivy's boss, Lauren, has been eying his chiseled physique for quite some time.

But at twenty-four, Eric already has a tragic past, one that he is still reeling from. Even though his ordeal turned him into some sort of local celebrity, it's been a while since he's shared his bed with anyone. When he comes to Ivy's rescue out of the blue, it's not long before the two of them start seeing each other behind Lauren's back. When they get caught, Ivy's journey toward a college degree is jeopardized and her relationship with Eric is severely put to the test.

Career versus love? In the end, a shocking turn of events provides Ivy with a revelation she never saw coming.


If only I were open to the possibility of romance, but I’m not. There’s no way I can be. There are circumstances that can’t be wished away or ignored. My heart’s not ready—not yet. And while this absolutely gorgeous girl has wandered into my life, I’m not going to act on it. It’s too soon.

I stride into my shop, gently placing her on the counter. Her feet are bleeding and she looks like she could use a drink of water. She’s covered in dust from the road but she looks adorable sitting there. I don’t know what it’s like to be in a scenario like this with a girl. I’m used to things being straightforward and laid out before me. This looks like something I could get easily lost in if I’m not careful.

We still haven’t said a word to each other, and I hate to break the silence but it can’t be avoided. “Rest here a minute. I’ll be right back.”

Her hand lingers on my upper arm, her thumb massaging by bicep. I exhale heavily, trying desperately to clear my head. Her touch is stirring things inside me I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Emotions I never thought I’d feel again. “Thank you,” she whispers, her eyes never leaving mine.

“No problem,” I try to say as casually as possible. She’s looking at me like I’m her knight in shining armor and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea. I can’t go down that road again. I just can’t. My soul still isn’t fully healed from the last time. I can’t trust myself in these kinds of situations. I need to back away as gracefully as I can.

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15 July 2013

Blast: The Purple Heart

And another one I'm late with. I'm sorry, Ms. Gucker. Here she is:

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When does hiding the truth become an outright lie?

As an Army psychologist, Sydney Porter has heard her share of horror stories. The battle-scarred, down-trodden, and guilt-ridden have come to her office, seeking her help. When a highly decorated soldier is referred to her, she feels confident she can help heal his wounds. The chemistry between herself and Sergeant Aiden Thane is instantaneous. Sparks ignite and against her friend’s advice, she opens both her home and her heart.

Torn between a voice of reason and her undeniable feelings, Sydney begins to question just what is hiding behind her lover’s decorated uniform. What secrets are hidden behind his Purple Heart?

And does she really want to know?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations (including multiple partners) and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

This book is dedicated to every man and woman who has served as a soldier to defend freedom for all. You are heroes. It is also dedicated to the families of those soldiers who give up their fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and friends so that we can have those freedoms. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Thank you all.

Special dedication to the soldiers in my family, My father, John P. Choida, grandfather Stephen P. Gaida, brother-in-law in-Darren Dreher, my father-in-law Donald Gucker and my grand uncles who have served or continue to do so for our country.

I want to give a special shout out to Battling BARE for all their hard work to help soldiers and their families recover from PTSD! They have a special place in this book!

I set off downstairs to quickly set the table, and then was off to the kitchen to begin making dinner.

I started out making the salad, washing the greens and various vegetables. He was suddenly beside me, like he had just materialized there. Startled, I jumped and had to catch my breath. This seemed to make him chuckle.

He was out of his uniform, and dressed comfortably in gray sweatpants and a black t-shirt. He looked amazing even when he was dressed down. I could see his build underneath the thin material of his shirt, and the sweats were hanging just perfectly to make my mind wander.

“I hope I didn’t scare you. I’m sure you’re not used to someone sneaking up behind you around here. Can I help?”

“No worries. I’m pretty skittish sometimes. And no, you’re a guest. I wouldn’t ask you to help. Just sit back and relax. I’ve got it under control.” I continued with my dinner prepping. He reached out and put his hand on my forearm.

“Please, let me help you. You’re letting me stay with you, so the least I can do is pitch in. I can wield a mean broom,” he offered. His voice was so calm and relaxing. It was like listening to an angel.

“How are you with knives?” I asked, hoping for him to take over the task of salad duty, so I could start preparing sauce for the spaghetti. I hated chopping vegetables.

“I’m an expert, Ma’am. Trained in all forms of weaponry.”

“I’m not sure if that makes me feel scared or safe.” I giggled.

He smiled and reached for my knife. His hand brushed mine, and I felt a quick flutter in my stomach. I looked up at him from under my eyelashes. Now I was flirting. I took a step back from him so he didn’t think I was some kind of freak, inviting soldiers to stay with me so I could flirt and then have my way with them. In this instance, I wouldn’t have minded, though.

He smirked, began chopping carrots and slicing the tomatoes. We cooked the entire meal together. He seemed to be at home in the kitchen, like I was. I loved to cook, and was excited to have, not only someone to cook for, but someone to cook with.

We dined on our homemade Italian meal with glasses of Merlot, and had the most amazing conversation. I told him about my parents and my childhood. He never mentioned his family so I didn’t press him. We talked about the war a lot. We had both experienced it, and it brought us even closer together. We shared something that he couldn’t with most other people. It was one of the reasons why I was so good at my job.

When dinner was finished, he thanked me for a home-cooked meal, offering me a bit too much praise, which made me blush again, and then we proceeded to clear the table together.

I grabbed our glasses and an unopened bottle of wine, and we moved over to the couch in my family room. I was really enjoying having company. This might actually turn out to be beneficial for both of us.

I thought it might be a good time to work with him, now that he seemed to be much more at ease. He was still work, no matter how much I was enjoying spending time with him.

“So, can you tell me more about what happened?”

“You mean, why I’m not still over there?”

I nodded. He immediately tensed up and sat straight back against the couch. He looked like a mannequin.

“Not yet. I’m not ready to talk to you about that. Is that okay?”

“It most certainly is. This is on your timeframe. So when you feel more comfortable.” I smiled and placed my hand on his to let him know I meant it. We had plenty of time to talk, so I certainly didn’t need to rush him. I didn’t want to. I needed to take things slowly with him. I wanted him to trust me.

Before I even realized it was happening, we had begun gravitating toward each other on the couch. I’m not sure if it was the wine or the company. It was probably a little bit of both.

He became quiet, and just looked into my eyes. I just couldn’t look away. I was lost there. The pull towards him was unstoppable and I felt myself start to lean in his direction. He gravitated back. My breathing became shallow as we inched closer and closer. Soon, we were so close that I could feel his breath on me, and smell the sweet scent of him. I took in a deep breath with the hopes of being able to taste him. He reached up and cupped my cheek.

“You’re quite beautiful, you know.” I had no words; I couldn’t speak and just waited, hoping he would lean in and kiss me first; and he did. His soft lips pressed against mine, and I felt the familiar humming that happened every time we touched, along with the now fluttering stomach I had recently acquired. I stayed perfectly still; afraid to let myself go. He pulled back and looked at me.

“I’m not going to break, you know. You can kiss me back, if you want to, of course. I can’t remember the last time I actually kissed someone. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be so forward and don’t even know if you’re already spoken for. Hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries.”

That was all I needed to hear. I reached up, twisted my fingers into his hair, and pulled his face slowly back to mine without ever breaking eye contact. I kissed him deeply, darting my tongue between his lips. He responded in kind and our tongues began to swirl together. I felt light-headed, but at the same time, I felt completely comfortable. We were completely in sync.

5.0 out of 5 stars – from KimCheck
“I have read 2 of Christie's books and one of her short stories and I have to say I'm very impressed with her writing. I have had the pleasure of meeting her as she was so very gracious to call in to my book club and chat about her books and her writing which impressed me even more! The Purple Heart was a story that draws you in and makes you feel like you are living within the story line. This story took me to a place I did not expect at all. The characters in the book became so alive in my head that I truly felt connected to every turn the story took. I highly recommend The Purple Heart and will be sure to let everyone know how great it is.”

5.0 out of 5 stars – from tori muise
“This book had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put it done! Beautiful book and I've been telling everyone I know to read it!!!”

5.0 out of 5 stars – from Ireland
“This book was one that I could not put down. I started it on Friday night and finished it on Saturday night, it was that good! I did not want it to end. I can't wait to read the next book that Christie Gucker writes!”

5.0 out of 5 stars – from BRIAN E LAROCQUE
“Her best book yet! Great story and great characters! I loved the Cheryl and Gina story as well. I'm sure we will be reading more great stories from this new author!”

5.0 out of 5 stars – from Newest Fan
“Although I am an avid reader, I seldom feel the need to write a review for a book. With The Purple Heart, I just had to. I discovered this book by accident, wanted something to read on a cold winter's day. I no way expected to be pulled into this love story. It pulled me in alright. Pulled at my heart strings. What a beautiful love story. Classic, romantic but completely unpredictable. Discovering this book and this author, Ms. Gucker was a delightful surprise. Can't wait to read your other works.”

About the Author:
Christie A.C. Gucker lives in NJ with her husband, two daughters and a menagerie of pets. Being a mother is one of the greatest joys of her life. She has worked in the advertising industry for over 20 years as a degreed artist, but also works in the fine arts, especially sculpting out of stone or snapping photographs. Christie is also a singer and musician, and can be found singing on a few CDs.

After the death of her father, Christie searched for something to fill her desire to make a mark in this world. Her love of the arts and creativity allowed her to search for a new medium, which she found with a pen instead of a brush. Being an avid reader her whole life, and with her family cheering her on, she decided to take her shot, and began writing.

Christie is fascinated by the supernatural and sharks, and studies both avidly. You’ll be sure to find something spooky lurking somewhere in her stories. Her greatest joy is sitting on a beach with her family while surf fishing, flying kites or building sandcastles with her girls.

Christie is on FOUR Amazon Best Selling Lists: Romance, Short Story Paranormal Romance and Fantasy.

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