02 January 2011

Here I go again...

Forgetting I have this blog. lol, not too much to report since I last posted. Have a new website -see the link to the left- and the book release date got pushed up to March 19th. I'm also waiting on pins and needles for word on a requested manuscript.

*fingers crossed*

In addition, I'm anticipating seeing the artwork for Delila's book from the ever talented Reese Dante. You'll notice I refer to all my books by the title character name. It's much easier for me to remember who I'm talking about when using their names. Delila is upcoming March 19th, Abby is the full request I'm waiting to hear back from, Charlie is festering in the backlog of my devious brain (I have to modify her a bit), and Beth is in progress. On top of that, I'm going to be doing a few guest blogs here and there. See you around the vast interwebz!

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