17 January 2012

Wednesday Brief!

Wednesday! This means some more great flash work, and a piece of my own. We've changed our name to Wednesday Briefs, but I'm sure you'll like this banner as much as the last. Enjoy!

Oh, my god.

A huge, shiny pimple right in the middle of my forehead. With a heavy sigh, I pulled out my arsenal of weapons. You’d think, at nearly thirty, I would have a crystal clear complexion made from shiny unicorn butts.

Not so.

And imagine my horror at finding this thing right after I introduced myself to the new stud at work. With a bald head and green eyes, and shirt sleeves rolled up to reveal brawny arms and a hint of a tattoo, he’s everything I’ve ever fantasized about.

Tommy. Even a typical bad boy name. I sighed and yanked myself from the daydream of fields of waving daisies and my luscious breasts spilling over a corset as Tommy carried me into the sunset. The cat wrapped around my legs as I applied my face mask and wrapped my still wet hair in a towel. One soft, fluffy robe later I was ready for my cereal and favorite TV shows.

Just as the gangs on the documentary started shooting, a knock echoed through my small apartment. I angled my head to stare at the door, mouth full of cereal. The knock came again.

I shuffled to the door and threw it open, not expecting to see Tommy staring at me from the hallway. With a gasp, I slammed the door shut and pressed my hands against the cool wood to try and think him away. But he just knocked again.

Steadying myself, I opened the door again, slower that time. Tommy smiled at me as I floundered for words. “Tommy! What a, ah…a surprise. If I’d known you were coming I would have, you know. Washed my face at least.”

He chuckled. “Not a problem, Pam. Can I come in?”

I stepped aside. “Sure. Let me go wash up and I’ll be right back.”

He settled on my couch as though he belonged there and the damn cat cozied right up next to his bulk. “Oh, hi, kitty,” Tommy said, scratching Boots in his favorite spot behind the ears.

Smiling, I darted down the hall and locked the bathroom door behind me. “Stupid,” I whispered. “What the hell was all that?” The cold water shocked my system. “Why not just throw yourself into his arms, naked and glistening. That would have gone smoother than all this.”

I muttered to myself as I shoved my jeans and a t-shirt on. Tommy glanced up as I came back in.

“You look nice.”

“Thanks. Anything to drink?”

“No, thanks. I came by to ask you something.”

Perplexed, I sat on the edge of my chair and looked at him, waiting. “What’s up?” I said after an awkward moment.

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

“Ah…” The question threw me, and I scratched my head. “Maybe. Why?”

“Come on a ghost hunt with me.” His face broke out with a wide smile as he waited for my answer.

“A ghost hunt.” He nodded. “Like looking for ghosts?”

“Yeah.” Tommy stood and began making grand gestures as he described his idea. “There’s this place right down the street, and a group of people are going to hunt ghosts. It’s an amazing building with a ton of history and I thought maybe you might join me.”

As in a date? Unique. “Okay, I’ll go.” What the hell was I thinking?

~End~ (For now)

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Nephylim said...

Not my type at all... bald head and big muscles... oh no. However, obviously it was Pam's thing and this is her story. I LOVE the image of her standing at the door in her robe with her mouth full of cereal, towel round her hair and mask on her face. Hilarious.

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Great beginning. I want to see more of Tommy, and I'm sure Pam does too lol Can't wait to see next week's installation!

Elyzabeth M. VaLey said...

A ghost hunt? LOL Looking forward to see where this is going ^^