07 May 2012

Guest: Camryn Rhys

Happy Monday! Please say hello to Camryn Rhys. My newest release, Misbegotten Gaines is part of a series that Decadent Publishing is releasing. All books are set in Freewill, Wyoming and are all related to each other. I’ve taken, for my slice of Freewill, the Gaines family, who own a large dude ranch west of Freewill along the Sagebrush River. They run different programs for their guests, and one of those programs involves Jamie Gaines (the ranch program manager) and the new chef, Kyle. Just as a sneak preview, here’s a short interview with Jamie Gaines, the youngest daughter of the Gaines family. I hope you enjoy Jamie and her love story. C: Hi, Jamie! J: (hugs) So good to see you, girl. C: I know! It’s been awhile now… how are you after everything went down for you and Kyle? J: (sighs) Yeah, that was a crazy week, right? C: You tell me. (holding up hands) I was just the vessel. J: (laughs) Well, I’m doing much better. C: Are you and Charity talking again? J: Not really. She was a little peeved when my brother sent the Sheriff after her, but she’ll get over it. My uncle Bud got her a job at his restaurant, so I’d say, given everything, she got a pretty good deal. C: Wow, Bud gave her a job. That surprises me. J: I think what sealed it for him was the fact that my mom hated her so much. You know them, their feud will never end. C: Tell me about that. J: (rolls her eyes) It was all just a big misunderstanding about Granddad’s will. So stupid. C: But it obviously affects your relationship with them both. J: Our family is one of the oldest in Freewill, and until my mom’s generation, all of the Gaines family had always lived on the ranch. That’s why it’s so big, and why we do so much work. But when my granddad cut my uncle out of his will, it all went pear-shaped. They haven’t been the same since. C: This sounds like some juicy gossip. J: Well, if there’s a story there, I’ll leave it for you to tell. Talk to my mom anytime. C: How’s your mom doing, anyway? And those brothers of yours? J: Paul misses you. C: (laughs) Paul misses everything in a skirt. That doesn’t surprise me. How’s his love life going? J: He could use a little help there. I think he needs you to come back and hang out with him a little. Help him down the right path. C: (considering) I have been missing the good ole’ MGR. What a beautiful place, Freewill. And between Brady and Paul, lots of nice eye candy around there. J: I wouldn’t know… they’re my brothers. (laughs) Although it makes it hard to run singles’ trail rides when the hottest guys on the ranch are technically unavailable. C: Yes, Brady’s famous fraternization policy. Seems like he’ll have his hands full with Paul and all these single women coming into the place. J: He had his hands full with me! C: (laughs) You’re right. You definitely don’t strike me as a rule follower, anyway. J: Brady is, though. Wow, that guy is made of rules. I love him, but he is a lunatic about it. C: So how have the trail rides been going? J: Good. We took a little break, of course, after Kyle. And we’ve been trying some new things. We’re going way out into the wilderness, and have permission to be on some government land beyond our ranch, so we’re not always on the camp. But it’s been fun. C: That’s quite a camp setup y’all have there. J: And we really do use it a lot. Kyle likes to cook there, because of course, it’s made for a gourmet chef. C: Only outdoors. J: Right. C: So you’ve been noticeably quiet about Kyle. What’s up with that? J: (smiles) A girl doesn’t kiss and tell. But honestly, I’m good. And as for Kyle… you’ll have to ask him. C: Maybe I will… Well, it looks like Jamie is doing well. Check out my release party (#CowboyCocktails or on my website http://camrynrhys.com) for chances to win an iPad, and for more information on the Freewill books, my other books, and lots of great prizes up for grabs. Thanks so much for having me!

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