07 August 2012

Horror Blog Hop, Day 2: When Devising Deaths

Happy Tuesday!

It's day two of the paranormal/horror blog hop, and I'm having a great time blogging with y'all. Today's focus is on deaths and murders.

I'll admit I'm not very good with ghost stories. Something about them doesn't click, or perhaps it's the memories they dredge up with the experiences I've had. I love to read them, but I can't write a good ghost story to save my life.

But...I can write a damn good murder scene. The lines form at the most random place and time. I was driving to work one day, just cruising on an hour long commute, when I suddenly wondered how plausible I could make a highway murder. Perhaps a crazed killer is chasing the hero/heroine on the freeway, and he runs the car off the road into, say, one of those orange barrels filled with sand. The car would be smashed, leaving the person inside dazed and confused. This would be prime opportunity for someone to kill them.

Of course, the hero/heroine would have to escape somehow. What kind of story kills off the lead character?

Maybe I do. If you want to find out, you can check out Mel's story. She was just a normal woman until she fell in with a group of psychotic vampires.

**TRIGGER WARNING** There is a rape scene in this one. And a lot of violence.

Here's Mel's info. Tomorrow, I'll weave you some stories of ghosts from personal experience! Enjoy!


Mel McIntyre thought she was all set in this life. She had a fabulous job, a cute apartment, and a cat. But when her sister dies and her last living relative, her nephew Joey, disappears, Mel finds everything she knows turned upside down.

Unwillingly thrown into a world she never thought existed, thanks to an almost fatal mistake made by Joey, Mel finds herself suddenly involved with a vampire named Levi. And she quickly discovers this relationship isn't the good thing she thought it to be.

As Mel becomes a shell of her former self, can she find the strength to battle back? Or will she let the vampires win?


Jolie du Pre said...

I couldn't find the book at Goodreads, Lindsay. Is it okay if I add it there? I organize my reading with Goodreads and I'd like to add the book to my "to read" list. Let me know - joliedupre@gmail.com

Lindsay K. said...

Sure! I'll also ask the publisher about adding it there. Thanks!

Leigh M. Lane said...

Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lindsay, great post on how your murder plots come to you. I couldn't come up with a murder idea to save my life (pardon the pun!) but I think I write a pretty decent ghost story. :)

Jolie du Pre said...

After I'm done visiting all of the blogs today I'll go to Goodreads and add it. (Unless it's already added.) Thanks!