14 September 2012

Review: Cerberus Rebellion

Happy Friday! I originally had a post here, but I scheduled wrong and am putting the correct tour up. The Cerberus Rebellion by Joshua K Jones is on tour with Goddess Fish Promotions. Enjoy!


Onehundred years of peace and prosperity. War changes everything.

On the worldof Zaria, Elves, magic and mythical beasts coexist beside rifles and railroads.The futures of two nations hang in the balance as rebels and revolutionariestrade gunfire with loyalists and tyrants.

EadricGarrard was raised to believe that as the rightful King of Ansgar, his loyalnobles and fearful subjects answered to his every whim, no matter the cost orconsequence. His decision to send his troops thousands of miles away will testthat fear, and loyalty.

Raedan Clyvewas ordinary until an Elven ritual involving a griffin’s heart turned him intosomething more. Twenty years later, he still struggles with the magics thatrage through his body. His mentor holds him back from his full potential and hefaces pressure to find a suitable wife and father an heir.

Hadrian Clyvehas picked up where his father left off and works to expand his family’sinfluence amongst the Ansgari nobility. His aggressive negotiation of alliancesand shrewd choice of marriage agreements has earned him respect, andresentment. When his King calls his troops to arms, Hadrian has other things inmind.

After acentury of scheming and decades of preparation, Magnus Jarmann is ready tobring his family’s plans to fruition by launching a war of independence thatwill free his people and return his country to its rightful place among thenations of Zaria. The King’s call to arms creates an opportunity that Magnuscannot afford to miss.

In a war, little is held back; in a revolution, nothing is safe.


Cerberus Rebellion is a science fiction piece set in a land filled with mythical griffins, elves, and nobles trying their best to rule. I don't always read science fiction, but this one caught my eye and held my attention. With palpable tension between the nations and the action of war, this story is fantastic.

I found the writing to flow smooth and easy, and the lyrical words kept the read going. Mr. Johnson has a vivid imagination, and his images have come alive on the page. I'd recommend this read for anyone who can set reality aside and travel into a world we can only dream of.


The crackleof musket fire drifted up from the trenches; only a few quick shots at first,but quickly followed by full volleys. Flashes of light marked the battle in thetrenches and Raedan listened carefully for the command to push his troopsforward. He glanced behind him quickly.

The colorguard stood resolute, the banners of Arndell and the North Griffin Cliffs atthe front of the formation. A half-company of infantry had been assigned toprotect the flags should they come under attack.

Woundedbegan to drift back out of the trenches. Some retreated under their own power;others were carried between two of their fellows. Raedan tried to count the menfleeing the battle, but quickly lost count.

Finally,the trumpets sounded again, ordering him forward.

“How's itlook in there?” he asked a retreating officer. The man wore the gaudy orange ofSea Watch and the stripes of a captain. He had taken a round through hisshoulder and was supporting a corporal that had taken a shot to the leg.

“Theartillery did a job on them,” the captain said. “But they've still got somefight left.”

“All right,men! Let's take it to them!” Raedan started toward the trenches at the doubletime and his men started to trot after him.

Theearthworks twisted and zagged one way and another, slowly leading the infantrycloser to the fortress that loomed large above. The sun had finally set andflares were exploding high overhead.

About The Author:

JoshuaJohnson is the author of "Gunpowder Fantasy" The Cerberus Rebellion(due to release in early July) and the creator of the Griffins & Gunpowderuniverse. When he isn't working or spending time with his family, he writesnovels, short stories and novellas.

He currentlylives in Northern Illinois with his wife and young son. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/authorjkjohnson


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