21 December 2012

Ugly Socks Blog Hop!

I fibbed.

That wasn't my last post yesterday. Actually, I have this post for the weekend, and your chance to win several prizes from me. In the spirit of the holidays, I'm offering up an e-book from my backlist, of your choice, and a hand crocheted pair of booties to warm your feet in the cold, heartless winter months.

Speaking of cold, it's colder than I care for over here in Ohio. We got the tail end of the blizzard that swept through Wisconsin and those areas, and the wind chill is currently settled at 19. It's truly breathtaking to step out of a warm home or store and into the frigid wind.

What's everyone like to do for the holidays? My husband and I have two young-ish children, and so we spend the day assembling Lego's or taking the stupid threads out of Barbie's hair. (Special thanks to Mattel for that little security feature. It's always fun to break out the blowtorch to open a Barbie up.)

I think I'm going to start a few new traditions, though. Things like...open THIS gift Christmas Eve. Elf On The Shelf looks cute, too, and even though I'm about to have two non believers in the next year or so I'd love to start it up. I'll be snatching one up at the after Christmas sales at the mall. Let's call him Elvie McFiddlebum.

I figure I can set Elvie up in some awesome situations since my kids are almost eleven and eight. He can get caught in the hot tub with Barbie. He can binge on tequila and Vicodin. (Okay, I'll save that for high school days.) He might t.p. a room or three, or maybe a certain fancy pants car in the garage. Oh, oh! Since I have a deranged mind, I'll propose a new one. Let's drape Elvie from the ceiling on invisible line and drag a feather across the kid's cheek.

Guess I'd better start saving up for therapists bills later.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, except for the cold. I'll take summer over winter anytime. Here's some blurbs from the backlist so you can choose which one you'd like, Future Winner! Enjoy, and thanks for dropping by. Don't forget to check out the other blogs associated with the hop. Their links are below.

The Life And Times of Delila:

Delila has roamed the Earth for over one thousand years with her maker, Alaric. She has everything a vampire could want: Beauty, brains, a booming business, and an ability to read human emotions.

When a werewolf makes an imprint in her life, Delila feels she may have finally found the soul mate she has been seeking. But when everything goes terribly wrong Delila finds herself burdened with a young half breed child to protect from the evil forces of her world.

The Reign of Delila:

When you rule the vampires, you can expect a few hiccups here and there.

But Delila McAllister hardly expects to find newborn vampires wreaking havoc on her world. No one is sure where the little beasts are coming from, or why they’re not decimating unknowing human populations.

Even as she’s trying to figure out one problem, another arises. Her Alpha werewolf daughter, Ana, is torn between her loyalty to Delila and her pack’s desire for war.

Delila knows what she has to do. But can she save her race, herself, and her daughter?

By Blood, Bound:

Mel McIntyre thought she was all set in this life. She had a fabulous job, a cute apartment and a cat. But when her sister dies and her last living relative, her nephew Joey, disappears, Mel finds everything she knows turned upside down.
Unwillingly thrown into a world she never thought existed thanks to an almost fatal mistake made by Joey, Mel finds herself suddenly involved with a vampire named Levi. And she quickly discovers this relationship isn’t the good thing she thought it to be.
As Mel becomes a shell of her former self, can she find the strength to battle back? Or will she let the vampires win?

Siege of Shadows:

A neighbor, arrested, covered in his wife’s blood. A wolf stalking her. To top it all off, the new neighbor is trying to kill her—in her nightmares.

Billie is having one hell of a time with the new guy on the block. She can’t decide if she hates him or wants to take him to bed, for starters. And every time she dreams about him, she wakes up with dried blood on her body.

There’s only one explanation, but even Billie thinks she’s crazy for believing it. No way is her neighbor trying to kill her…


What I've Learned:

Abigail Jones is a former prostitute who buys her freedom from a Mexican cartel boss and forges a new life. Secure in the knowledge that she's escaped her past, Abigail's world falls apart when her brother's head is delivered to her in a brown paper box. And when the cartel boss sends an assassin to take her life, Abigail can't deny the danger she faces.

Encumbered with her brother's infant son and gripped by fear, Abby shares her story and the evidence her brother accumulated about the cartel to the police and finds herself abruptly thrust into Witness Protection.   Beginning a new life as Quinn, the recently divorced mother of little Paul and middle school guidance counselor, Abby is moved to a quiet neighborhood with quaint houses and white picket fences.

While Abby struggles to recreate herself and tries to focus on conforming to the rules of the program, not to mention life with a small child, the cartel continues their search for her.  And although life seems to slowly return to some form of normalcy, little does Abby know that her past is slowly closing in on her.

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