19 November 2010


Got this little bitch up and running again! Updated, revamped, blah de blah. If anyone has issues reading it, etc. let me know. I'm still iffy on the background.

Now that it's good, I'll be doing Six Sentence Sundays! It's a fun little thing in which one posts six sentences of a WIP (writing in progress). Fair warning, and anyone who reads my upcoming release will learn quickly, I have a dark and vivid imagination. Most of my violent tendencies are translated into my writings through dark humor and satirical ramblings.

Enjoy! Mwahahaha!


Lisa said...

Am I the first post...well, allow me. I think your wall is crazy good and i am a fan...i will continue to follow you and try to keep up...love you, aunt lisa

Infidel Queen said...

Haha, thanks!