29 June 2011

Flash Wednesday: Massacre (6/29/11)

It's Wednesday again! Welcome back for another Silver Flash. This week is a paranormal short, one I'm considering making into a novel at some point. Hope you enjoy!


The scream echoed off the biting night air, drawing my attention to the east of the rooftop I perched on. Somewhere over the buildings a woman in need of help, likely being dragged into a dark and filthy alleyway by a strung out addict in search of the quick fix. My fingers dug into the small layer of dirt and rocks on the roof as my legs tensed, preparing for the run.

Her scent hit me, full of fear and adrenaline as another muffled cry rang out. People strolled by in the streets below, coming from their downtown activities, but they ignored this poor woman’s calls for help and walked on as though no one was about to be raped. I didn’t hesitate any further. Following her smell, my legs carried me to the edge of the building and over to the next rooftop with ease.

I saw them before I heard her again. The deviant had her by the throat, dragging her backwards into an alley directly below me. They winked out of sight of the humans on the sidewalk and I could almost taste their relief, it was so palatable. Phew, they thought collectively, glad I don’t have to deal with that.

Humans disgust me. Employing my skills, I dropped to the metal fire escape silently and crept down like a monkey, swinging from rail to rail until I hung over their heads. She smelled good, like raspberries and vanilla. She struggled feebly against his hands as they stripped her shirt off to expose a flowered bra. Red marks rose instantly on her pale skin as he took liberties to grip her shoulders and slam her against the cold bricks once.

Her cries shook with the impact and his knife cut into her chest, just enough to draw a trickle of blood into her cleavage. My fangs tore from my gums, ripping the tender flesh in the way they have when I need to feed. I suppressed the grunt of pain and pushed off the wall to land behind the man.

At the sound of my feet hitting the ground, the attacker became alert to my presence. He turned his head slowly to look over his shoulder at me. I didn’t look like much. Slender arms exposed by a tank top and a baby face to go with it, but the guy had no idea he was about to tango with a beast.

“Who the fuck are you?” he spat, never releasing the woman. She pleaded with her eyes, locking onto my face while big tears slid down her cheeks.

“Doing something special?"
His eyes narrowed on me, grip tightening on the struggling woman. “Nah. Mind your business and walk on.”

“I didn’t walk in, did I?” I stepped forward, watching him tense. He couldn’t see my face in the shadows. All for the best, since my fangs were hanging down.

“If you didn’t walk, then where the hell did you come from?”

I pointed up and he snorted.

“Heaven or some shit?”

“No,” I replied, chuckling softly. “I’m closer to Satan than Jesus.” Before he could blink, I snatched his shirt and drug him towards me. His neck snapped cleanly under my hands and the body tumbled to the ground at my feet.

The woman gasped for breath, eyes wide as I stepped halfway into the faint streetlight. I made no move to touch her, simply watched as she ran shaking hands through her hair and tried to make sense of what just happened.

“Oh, my god,” she whispered. “You saved my life.” Her eyes searched for mine in the dark.

I smiled to myself before turning away. “I’m a monster. Don’t look at me.”

She stepped off the wall hesitantly and touched a hand to my shoulder. “No, you’re not.”

“I killed that man.” I made my voice shake even as my incisors lengthened at the sound of blood humming under her skin.

“But you saved my life.” She spoke urgently, trying to convince me of my godly ways. “I mean, that’s amazing, what you just did.” I startled her when I turned quickly and buried my face against her shoulder. She tensed, and I heaved my chest a few times to trick her. Her light hands raised to my back. “No, no,” she said softly. “Don’t cry.”

“You’re right,” I whispered, turning my head towards her neck. The tender skin called to me, begging to be opened under my tender care. “I shouldn’t be the one upset here.”

She tried to push away from me, but I held tight and gripped her hair. When her head fell to the side, she gasped and whimpered. “Hush now,” I murmured, my lips pressed to her throat. My fang ran along her skin, piercing it until a drop of sweet blood pooled at the wound, and I licked it away. The woman froze, unsure what was happening to her. Her blood rushed into my dry veins, stirring the monster within.

“This will only hurt for a little while,” I whispered just before I massacred her.

My jaw unhinged, allowing my mouth to open wider than was natural. A burning need drove me, making me sloppy, and I ripped into her throat until the hot blood was spewing into my face. Smiling, I trapped the wound with my mouth and drank deeply as she cried out in pain.

I felt her heartbeats weakening until the last one thudded pathetically and her final breath left her. Raising my face to the moonlight, I felt her blood drip off my chin.

Another scream pierced the night sky, and I let the woman’s body drop to the floor as hunger surged through me once more. I leaped onto the building and scaled it quickly. “Geez, man. Are you ever satisfied?”

Chuckling to myself, I bolted into the darkness.


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