22 November 2011

Black Lust Blog Stop!

Hello, folks! Welcome back to another fine day on another fine blog tour! Today, I'm welcoming Karyn Gerrard, author of Black Lust. She's answered a few questions for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Please tell the readers a little about yourself:

I am a middle aged Canadian lady with a vivid imagination and a deep passionate love for plotting. I no longer work so I have the luxury of sitting home every afternoon and plot to my heart's content.
A voracious reader, I only started reading romances five years ago! Shocking, I know. I have certainly embraced the genre and also rediscovered my long dormant love for writing.

How about your latest release

Black Lust is an erotic romance paranormal novella from Evernight Publishing the first of what I hope will be a trilogy and beyond. Lucius Black is the hero, is a Quarter, (1/4 vampire) and he struggles with his life-state. Trevina Patterson is the heroine, your ordinary looking hairdresser who finds herself sucked into Lucius's paranormal world.

There are strong secondary characters in this as well. This is only my second release since my debut in May 2011, so I still have to pinch myself this is happening. *pinch*

What was your primary inspiration for this book?

Hmmm. I will go with the first vampire movie I ever saw on the late show, Dracula (1931) with Bela Lugosi. I was a teenager and fell for the gothic, romantic vampire. Bela played the part on stage in the late 1920's, he seduced the women in the audience into a swoon with his dark, velvet Hungarian voice. It's a parody now, but back then it made an impact. Since I saw that old black and white movie on the late show, I have loved vampires. So thrilled to have one of my own published~

Do you have any muses?

I would say my hubby. I would not be published without him urging me on to submit something I wrote. Since he is a school teacher he is also my live-in editor as such. Not so much the grammar/punctuation (he doesn't have time to go over my writing line-by-line) but I read him my writing aloud to get feedback on the plotting, flow and characters. His input has been invaluable. And his support, he's my hero.

Do you control your characters or do they flog you into shape?

A little of both, depends on the characters and the story I am working on. I am a pantser so sometimes I sit and write and the characters go off in directions I never planned, I love when that happens!

When you write, is there a special routine you follow?

Not really, a full pot of Earl Grey tea, my comfy slouchy clothes, usually music playing in the background. From movie soundtracks, classical, current hard rock to 60's-80's I find music a great accompaniment to writing. Doesn't distract me at all.

If you could be one animal, person, or at a place for a day what/who/where would it be?

Interesting! I would love to be an eagle, and fly all day. To experience it once would be a thrill. I have had a few of those flying dreams. Maybe I should write a shape-shifter story!

Five random facts about you:

Love the Red Sox (but not the historic swoon and crash they took in Sept)
I sometimes use the Sims 2 game as a storyboard for my characters and plots, strange but it works for me~
Love old movies, I can whip just about anyone's ass in Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen edition
Love to travel, hubby and I have been all over North America, the UK is calling, we are hoping to get to Scotland and Ireland in the next five years.
I am a homebody, I don't miss working. Family is everything to me, so is the hubs. 

Are you working on any new releases later this year?

I have an upcoming release Dec 18 with Silver Publishing called Christmas Memories.
I also just finished a sequel to my time travel novella "Timeless Heart (May 2011) Needs editing and submitting, 'time' will tell if it sees the light of day. Also have the 2 sequels to Black Lust done. I better get off my duff and start editing and submitting.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for having me! I would love it if you check out my books, I write hot sensual, erotic romance and multi-genre. I hope to be around for awhile.
To any aspiring writers, keep moving forward until you type 'the end', and then submit! You never know what will appeal to an editor/publisher.

Contact info:

Black Lust:

Lucius Black lives a debauched and wild nightlife. Being a ‘Quarter’ (1/4 vampire), blood and sex are what he is. However, his existence wears thin after a century of hedonistic pleasure.

Trevina Patterson lives a quiet, happy life running a hair salon in a village on the east coast of the United Kingdom. It was a perfect life and all she could ask for, until a chance encounter with Lucius Black.
What was it about him that was so unsettling and yet so attractive?

For Lucius, no woman had ever been enough, until Trevina. She awakened in him feelings he had not thought possible. Passions considered by him to be little more than vampiric mythology. She awakened his...black lust.

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