23 March 2012

Guest Blog: April and Danielle

Happy Friday! Enjoy today's guests:

Welcome aboard! Tell us a little about yourself, please.

We are April and Danielle! Woo hoo! We are new to the publishing industry, and it has been quite a ride. Writing has always been a passion we’ve both shared for a very long time, and my by chance one day we joined forces and become Jedi-Authors. And we are totally loving it!

What about your latest release?

Flesh and Feathers is the first book in The Flesh Series. It’s an Urban Fantasy with a little action, drama and some hot angels. Azaleigh is our main character; she’s quirky, sarcastic and somewhat introverted. A love triangle forms between her and two very sexy guys who are fighting for her attention. Mean while Azaleigh is fighting for her life as she runs from a bounty hunter and a future that is completely out of her control. Saving her life will be the easy part; save her heart will be another.

Ok, let’s get down to the fun stuff. If you were stranded on a lush tropical island, and all of your basic needs were met, what two items would you have with you? What person would be with you? Remember, you’re stuck there for an indefinite period with only each other to occupy the time.

April: I would so take sunscreen, because I burn easily! And it is no fun looking like a lobster. The next item would have to be Chap Stick. Anyone who knows me, knows I will actually have a meltdown if I do not have my Chap Stick! Life will end for me quickly if there is no Chap Stick! As for who would be with me? That’s easy! Danielle! She is the only person who gets me.

Danielle: The first item I would have to take with me would be my life-size cutout of Robert Pattinson, so I would have something to look at. Next item would have to be my iPod, because the person I would take would be April, and sometimes I just need to drown her out.  

If you could play opposite any of your lead characters, which one would it be and why?

April: I would probably be Scarlet, just because I would like to be really evil for once in my life and not such a good girl all the time.

Danielle: I would have to go with Kano! Because he has lots of really cool weapons and can kick some major ass.

If you could lead any of your secondary characters, which one would it be and why?

April and Danielle: We would have to go with Kano. His story unfolds in the second book, Flesh and Flames. His story is so fascinating and could, by far, be a book of its own.

You’re locked in a closet with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, three paperclips and a string. How do you get out?

April and Danielle: Easy! We would use one paperclip to pick the lock to the closet door, then we would kick Kate Beckinsale and Colin Farrell out, telling them to run for help. Then we would tie Johnny Depp up with the string using one of the paperclips to secure the string (so that he can’t get away.) The third paperclip would be used to lock the closet door back, breaking it off in the door so no one could get in.

Name five things you can do with a pencil.

April and Danielle: #1: Hair accessory, #2: Cuticle pusher, #3: Weapon of choice, #4: Bookmark, #5: Human chew toy.

Who’s your favorite character from your book(s)? Why? Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

April: Gage, because he is confident, hot and tells you exactly how it is.

Danielle: Kale, because he makes you work for it. Yum!

Where can we find you around the vast interwebs?

April: Umm, not sure. Seem to lose myself everywhere and never really know where I will end up.

Danielle: Amazon because I’m a little crazy! And Goodreads because I’m even crazier.

What about your books? Where are they being sold at?

April and Danielle: Right now, we just have Flesh and Feathers, which is due to release March 31st by Silver Publishing. We have many more projects in the works, so you will be seeing a lot more from us in the future. Flesh and Feathers will be available through Silver Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other outlets.

Thanks for dropping in! Any last words?

April and Danielle: This was a fun interview and have enjoyed being able to hang out with you guys today. Keep your heads up and pencils sharpened!


Azaleigh's life is simple until, by chance, she meets Kale.  Charming and handsome Az is immediately drawn to him. But long kept secrets lurk in the hearts of those Az holds most dear, and dangerous plans are unfolding around her.  As her life begins to crumble and Kale disappears, Gage, charismatic and striking, arrives, providing a calm port in an increasingly violent storm.  But with every narrow escape from a far from human bounty hunter after her life, Az begins to unravel a secret with the power to change her forever.  In an increasingly hostile world of Angel and Fallen, Azaleigh must navigate her own path, chose her own side, and ultimately protect her heart.  Faced with two gorgeous men, an enemy she doesn’t know, and a future she cannot understand, Az must make the choice: the man she loves, or the man she cannot live without.

About the Authors:

Danielle Hylton-Outland was raised in Virginia. She grew up having a huge appetite for daydreaming; always wanting to live in the spectacular worlds she created in her mind. She now lives with her husband and dog where she is pursuing a degree in literature. Danielle is a strong animal activist. She is currently co-writing the second book in the Flesh Series, "Flesh and Flames".

April Fifer grew up in a small town in Virginia, where it was common practice believing that dreams could only be found in stories. At the age of seven she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She was told that she would struggle through life and would never pick up a book to read for pleasure. Although school was hard, she was able to find her way with the help of two teachers who taught her self-discovery. Ignoring what she was taught growing up, she turned it around and found that your dreams could become stories.

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