11 April 2013

Barrage: Bella Ink

Thursday, Thursday...na, nana...I wish it was Friday. Close enough, right? Today's post is for Bella Ink, a sequel to Sturgis Rally Riders. I happened to have read the first and it was fantastic. Enjoy!

This author is also hosting a giveaway of a few different prizes. The first is a personal gift from the author herself; or winner's choice of any backlist; or a $5 Amazon gift card! Enter here for your chance to win. And here is the schedule for the tour. Without further ado, Bella Ink.

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Jet Ryan’s haunted by the memory of one night in the arms of a sexy tattoo artist who pushed all the right buttons before she shoved him out of her bed. No one else seems to measure up. He needs her out of his system or in his life, preferably the later. But, he’ll settle for one more night with her or a reasonable facsimile as long as he can touch her again.

Ink Monroe avoids expectations that might get her hopes up, doesn’t believe in endless possibilities, and has absolutely no room in her life for a guy who wants to take care of her. But damn, it would be nice to have all those things for a little while. So when a customer gives her a business card for a woman named Madame Eve, she asks for a man to solidify the hazy memory of a single night of passion followed by the best night of sleep she’d had in years.

Both have tall orders for a single evening of passion, but one night can lead to endless possibilities. Madame Eve promised.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

About the Author
LC Dean has lived all over the United States from the glorious South to the freethinking West Coast, but returned to the Midwest over a decade ago and now resides in the gorgeous state of MN. LC’s main goal professionally is to push the boundaries her often puritanical upbringing created. Writing about love that does not need society to define it, has been a freeing experience for her and her characters, and she hopes that readers find a similar joy in the reading.

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