01 April 2013

RJ Scott Autism Awareness Tour

Hello, lovelies! For this month, I'll have this post up in honor of RJ Scott's Autism Awareness tour. Here's the master list for all participants.

Did you know: Before the 1960's, people with autism were generally considered uneducable, and were excluded from the educations system.

Now, I don't have a child with autism, but I do know children with it. I won't be blogging about autism necessarily. RJ has specified this tour is regarding discrimination, so that's where I'll be headed.
Some may not know this about me, but I do have bipolar disorder. Some days are worse than others, and on those days I avoid people. Stemming from the uncertainty of this disorder is a sometimes crippling social anxiety. It is so severe at times that it causes a breakout of eczema on my hands, of all places, which is even more awkward when I'm expected to shake hands with people.

Couple all of this with the fact that I am an introvert, and you've got a recipe for a really breathtaking awkwardness.

I recently had a family member confirm that I'm difficult to approach. Unlike most of my family, I'm not a talkative, overly friendly, easy conversationalist. This makes large gatherings uncomfortable for me, as others make an effort to engage me, but I'd really rather just listen and observe.

Through my life, I've been considered painfully shy and even *gasp* standoffish. Imagine, for a moment, being me. You're a friendly, kind, and thoughtful person who longs for the deep relationships you see all around you, but you'll never be able to make really close girlfriends who will call you up to go out on a weekend night because you're not loud and rambunctious and fun to be around. You're the wallflower who sits in the corner and watches the world dance. This is why I'm a writer.

Thankfully, my husband understands me. He doesn't force me to go out extensively; in fact, I believe he might be a little introverted, too. He's made friends at his work who we both mesh with. He's stood beside me through my worst moments and the best. He is, truly, my best friend.

Here he is with a frosty beard.

I have a few close girlfriends, just a handful. I don't even think I would use all five fingers on one hand to name them. They've gotten to know me for me, and they appreciate it. Social media has made it easier for me to get to know people.

But the fact remains, when it all comes down to it I'd rather be holed up in my house with my little family, just hanging out.

Sometimes this causes rifts. Sometimes, people can't wrap their heads around the idea that some folks don't
enjoy always being on the go. Sometimes, it scares people away. They think I'm weird, or mean. To be perfectly honest, it used to bother me. But I'm to the point now- and perhaps this is another effect of the bipolar disorder, I don't know -but I'm to the point that it's take it or leave it.

This is us, spending some quality time. He's a goober.

I hope that maybe this blog has enlightened a few, even one. The quiet kid in the corner isn't always a violent sociopath biding their time. The person who issues small responses might not be blowing you off. Maybe you've encountered one of those gems, one of those thoughtful introverts. Perhaps, if you listen closely, you can hear the music in their hearts.

In the spirit of giveaways (and who doesn't love those?), I'll be offering a prize for this tour. TWO, in fact. Two lucky commenters will win hand crafted items from me. I happen to be a crafter, of all things crafty. I'm offering handmade earrings (picture to follow this week), and a set of handmade candles. Mind, the candles themselves are pre-crafted and store bought, but I add embellishments, of sorts. Please see the picture below. This is a basic candle, an experiment, really. I'll let the winner decide the colors, theme, etc.

Winners will be chosen at random. This is open to international entrants; winners may opt to receive gift cards equivalent to value instead. Contest closes April 30.


LM Preston said...

Great post! I don't think it's until we are older that we figure out that it's okay just being ourselves and loving ourselves for it.

Lindsay K. said...

Isn't that the truth. Thanks for dropping in!

Urb said...

Shy AND introverted, depressed AND anxious, also with retainer, thick glasses, and bad skin. Bookish and practically non verbal. From an abusive family, no less. Plus a Type 1 diabetic--the syringes got me in all kinds of trouble! I sometimes buy myself a mango and some chili powder just for having survived high school. All these years later, it's still an accomplishment. No one treated me worse than my own family, so bullies had no effect on me!

brendurbanist at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I tend to be an introvert, too. It's not a bad thing, it's just different, and hopefully people are learning that.


Anonymous said...

I notice at different times of my life I'll want to be less or more outgoing than others. I think I'm now entering my 'outgoing' phase after many, many years of introversion.


Penumbra said...
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Penumbra said...

I notice at different times of my life I'll want to be less or more outgoing than others. I think I'm now entering my 'outgoing' phase after many, many years of introversion.


Shayla Mist said...

I am an introvert, and you've got a recipe for a really breathtaking awkwardness
OMG! I feel like you're talking about me. I'm a huge introvert. Everyone thinks I'm hard to approach and my few friends from high school told me they thought I was arrogant before they befriended me. O_O My biggest fear is that I'll end up alone one day. What can I do? That's life ...
Thanks for the great post! it feels good to know I'm not alone in this XD