01 February 2011

Guest Blogger S.L. Danielson

Today, I have a special guest: writer S.L. Danielson. You can find her here or here or here! Enjoy, and be sure to check out her releases! Thanks for dropping by, S.L., and best of luck with your sales.

Thanks for hosting me today, Lindsay! I appreciate it!

Hello, this is S. L. Danielson, multi-published author of m/m romantic fiction.

I was wracking the 'ol gray matter trying to think of a topic for this blog and I have only 1 four-letter word, snow!

Where I live, and most of the country will soon see, we're expecting a massive winter storm to hit our area beginning tomorrow; not looking forward to it! LOL

It got me to thinking about the cruel, hard winter of 2006, the winter that changed everything in our lives.

Imagine this scenario: my mother-in-law was dying, the house we were in had a limb torn from the tree, which fell, taking the power line with it, thereby ripping the siding off the back of the house! It got so cold on the inside, down to 42 degrees! Now try to imagine two cat cooped in there with us (which after it got below 50 we put them into a shelter, and ourselves into a hotel)! We lost the food in the refrigerator and freezer, and didn't have full power restored until I begged the electricians to come out and reattach the line on a Saturday (which they did)!
To add a somber note, the night the power came back on, my mother-in-law lost her battle with cancer at 68 yrs young.

What's most awful is that it happened twice! Once for a week, the next for a few days. What's most ironic? In the year 2001, just months after buying that shanty...we had the ancient woodstove torn out, as well as the flue, due to a roof replacement, because of the world's worst hailstorm!

Shortly after these incredibly inconvenient and painful incidents, any liking I had for the house was gone. My husband didn't share in my disliking of it, but agreed we needed to sell. In doing so, the prep work that is, he ruptured two discs in his neck and has undergone two spinal surgeries, which still have not corrected the problem/pain issues. To this day he cannot work his left arm as he once did, and the pain meds wreaked havoc with his memory.

So...to end this all on a cheery note...LOL...two little ice storms wreaked more havoc than we could've ever imagined! Be safe, careful, and don't go out unless it's an emergency!

Now....about my book...my new release will be out March 26th, a sequel to "Love by the Numbers", AND I'm waiting on word of acceptance for a sequel to last year's major hit, "Ranch Hands"! Now it has it's own sequel entitled "Ranch Hands 2; Jerry's Season", following the all-too-infamous town drunk in his quest for love of his own.

I had a fellow author friend read it and he loved it! Here's what he said:

Ranch Hands Two: Jerry's Season, by S.L. Danielson, is one of those fast moving, well written works of m/m fiction that brings the reader as close to the characters as the characters are to themselves, which isn't an easy thing to do. Jerry is likeable, and yet layered with complicity. But S.L. Danielson makes it all look so effortless. With a neat, compact, smart writing style that I personally love, the story moves forward with a nice even pace. And once the reader becomes involved it's difficult to put this book down.

--Ryan Field

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ladyauthorsld said...

Thank you for having me, Lindsay! As I type this, the sleet is falling and we're waiting for a foot of snow...not far from here is a blizzard! Wish I had a sled...