19 April 2011

Life Happens!

Hi! Holy crap, what a whirlwind year it's been so far, eh?

I'm happy to say that The Life And Times of Delila is doing well, and my next one, What I've Learned, will be out July 31st. Currently, I'm shopping another one (a horror piece - ooooh), and revising another, and writing another. Oh, and I'll be getting edits for Abby soon, too.

*phew* :)

Hey, check this out, too. A contest:

Hot free fiction and an incredible prize package?

Must be the Silver Flashers! Every Wednesday, a piece of flash fiction is posted on the blogs of several Silver Publishing authors. It's fun, free, and more often than not a pretty steamy experience. ;) This week, we're hosting a scavenger hunt and we're hoping you'll join us. Visit each of the blogs (listed below) between Wednesday, April 20th and the end of the hunt on Tuesday, April 26th, send a list of the authors with at least one of their main characters to seeheatherwrite@hotmail.com, and you'll be entered to win this awesome prize package:

One travel bottle of Bath & Bodyworks Sensual Amber bodywash and Sensual Amber lotion from Heather Lin
One bookthong from Lindsay Klug
One ebook from RJ Scott
One ebook from Lily Sawyer
One ebook from Pender Mackie
One ebook from Julie Hayes
One ebook from LM Brown

That's right. One lucky hunter will win ALL of these items, generously donated by the Silver Flashers. The drawing will take place on Thursday, April 28th and will be posted by midnight on Friday, April 29th.

So, lots of goodies, lots of happenings, lots of lots. Throw a cross country move in there this summer and several thousand other day to day necessities, and this is going to be a busy few months. See you Wednesday for another installment of Titan's Jewel!

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