06 July 2011

Review: Spankdown by Cassandre Dayne

Wow! If you’re looking for a novella to keep your chest heaving while you turn the pages, this is the one.

Ms. Dayne has managed to weave a tale incorporating the element of danger, BDSM, and the always naughty professor-student relationship. Or, rather, students. The main character, Victoria Miller, is a believable and all around likeable person who kept me interested from the moment I entered the story: Victoria Miller stared at the computer screen and growled. Say what? A growl is always a sign of a feisty, if not aggravated and worth the read, character.

The love interest, Drake, comes off as confident and charismatic, or at least enough so to garner the interest of his professor. I’d think to do that, a student would have to exude sexual prowess through his very pores.

The love scenes did not leave me disappointed, either. Ms. Dayne crafts a tale of intrigue, love, and power, and it’s quite amazing to watch the story unfold. I recommend this read for those long nights alone, a day on the beach, the significant wait at the doctor’s office, or hell. Just anytime you have to read.

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