20 July 2011

The Priest (7/20/11)

It's Wednesday and I'm back! Thank goodness, I felt lost last week not composing a flash fiction. Here's a little ditty I whipped up, with intentions of carrying it into a novel. Hope you like it!


Heavy rain beat upon the stained glass windows of the church as the priest pounded on the keys of his laptop. Another letter, but this one would be to the Diocese in Rome, requesting permission to do an exorcism. The parents were convinced the girl was infected with a demonic presence and Father Luke was inclined to believe the same.

With a heavy sigh, he began to read the letter he’d written:

Regarding the case of Lisa Newberry

I arrived at the unassuming home in a quiet cul-de-sac on the 15th of August in the middle of a severe thunderstorm with not a star in sight after a frantic phone call from Mrs. Newberry. An array of vehicles littered the driveway, much to my confusion. Upon entering the home, I was immediately accosted by a woman named Maggie Hialeah, a psychotherapist brought in by Lisa’s grandmother.

Ms. Hialeah, naturally skeptical of my purpose in the home, attempted to convince me my services weren’t needed, and that Lisa is simply suffering from severe schizophrenia, coupled with dementia. As is my duty, I investigated regardless of her claims.

As I neared the stairs, my arms became heavy, legs slower. I felt as though something was trying to shove me back, and this became the first indication in my mind of a supernatural presence. Ms. Hialeah, in stark contrast, moved as though nothing at all affected her, and in fact seemed rather concerned about me.

Each step on the stairs required a great deal of effort, as my shoes suddenly felt as though they were filled with cement. My chest became heavy and breathing laborious, though I am a fit man. The air reeked of sulfur, and when we finally crested the landing, I was greeted with a shocking sight.

Lisa lay in the bed, her hands and feet chained with secure leather straps. The sheets crumpled beneath her as she struggled and hissed at me. But while Ms. Hialeah walked straight towards her and smoothed the girl’s hair out, I fell against the wall with terror flowing to my very soul.

I didn’t see the pretty young woman who had smiled at me from various pictures in the downstairs area, which is also what Ms. Hialeah saw. What presented itself to me was the demon head. Her eyes narrowed and blackened from the usual vibrant blue. The ears were pointed and bulbous, and as she smiled at me, her teeth were formed into viciously sharp points, each one capable of ripping my flesh from my bones. Small horns grew from each side of her bald head, curled and red, ending in a sharp tip just above her forehead.

Like a fool, I lunged forward and pulled Ms. Hialeah back. Alarmed, she immediately withdrew from me and I knew no matter what I said, she would now regard me as a loon, and quite possibly a dangerous one. I thought quickly, and asked to see what sort of treatment she was attempting with Lisa.

Ms. Hialeah sat down with her pad of paper next to the bed and snapped her fingers. Lisa immediately fell into a sleep so deep her entire body collapsed against the bed. I’ve not seen anything like this before. “Now, Father,” Ms. Hialeah said. “What you’re about to hear might bother you a bit.”

“I run confession,” I replied simply, ever a foolish and na├»ve man.

Ms. Hialeah began asking questions about Lisa’s past. But as she did so, and as Lisa answered, in a soft and feminine voice unbecoming of the vile head attached to her body, the air began to thicken even more. The night sky outside blackened, and a clap of thunder preceded the lights flashing out. We were cast into darkness, save for the lightning hitting the ground outside now and again. In these brief moments of light, I watched a horrific scene unfolding in front of me.

The demon had escaped Lisa’s body. He crouched on her chest, a tiny little man with long talon like fingers, completely naked. Darkness blinded me again. When the room was illuminated once more, he had shifted to Ms. Hialeah’s shoulder. She remained oblivious as he looked towards me and ran his tongue up her cheek. Darkness, and then in the light, I watched, horror stricken, as he…well, he mounted her without her knowledge and emptied his seed into her. The lights came back on just as he climbed onto Lisa once again, and Ms. Hialeah screamed.

She saw him, as well.

The demon winked at her and flicked his tongue out in a crude display before shoving himself into Lisa’s mouth. He dislocated her jaw and pulled her mouth to a disproportionate size to sink in as Ms. Hialeah sprung from her chair and flattened herself against the wall. I, meanwhile, lunged forward in an attempt to grab the demon but he was too quick for me.

Ms. Hialeah has retreated to her home, unaware of what grows inside her.

Respectfully, I…

Luke paused, listening to the faint sound in the hall of the church. A woman’s cries reached his ears. He closed his robe and prepared to counsel someone.

What he instead found was a woman crawling up the aisle, using her fingers as grips to pull herself along. Her protruding stomach made for an obstacle and a trail of blood followed her, smeared down her legs. Luke rushed forward to help her, and when he turned her over he found himself staring at Maggie Hialeah.

Her face gaunt and pale, she stared at him with desolate eyes as her stomach gushed blood. “Father,” she whispered. Luke struggled not to vomit at the sight of her pale flesh wriggling and contorting with the demon child inside.

“Kill it.”


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