10 October 2012

Guest Blog: Glimpses of Midnight


Happy Hump Day! Today's guests are Jeanne Oiler and Suzzana Ryan, authors of the Glimpses of Midnight books. Enjoy!

Hello all! JL Oiler and Suzzana C. Ryan here to introduce you to our latest cooperative series, Glimpse of Midnight! Before we start, we would like to thank the awesome Lindsay Klug for hosting us today!

First let us explain how this all came to be….

Once upon a time, the wonderful staff at Rebel Ink Press contacted the both of us with the idea to do a paranormal coop. series. What they gave us (other than this wonderful opportunity) was the basic gist of the world we were to create. From there everything from characters, subgenre and heat level was up to the two of us. Right Suzzana?

Absolutely JL, the rest was in our very over active imaginations. I would like to thank Rebel Ink Press for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with you. It’s always a pleasure to find another writer who’s mind is as out there as your own.

You were a true joy to work with as well Suzzana and I wouldn’t want to tackle this with anyone else.

How did we create so an expansive and interlocking world?

The brainstorming was the best, how wonderful to find out JL is as warped as I am. She’d come up with a character and then I’d create a scenario. And vice versa, hence we had our world and our main characters, and down to our sub-characters all plotted out. This series is one of the finest endeavors I’ve been a privileged to be part of. I believe readers are going to be surprised and get carried away on fantastic journey. They’ll meet new evil characters and read about different lores and legends. I love the Good verse Evil theme, we’ve done it and our own way.

Want to know more? How about we both share a peek with the blurbs for both stories:

Glimpses of Midnight: Decadence
By Suzzana C Ryan

Cyrus Bellefleur ruled the underworld but couldn’t rule his mate, Alkmene, a gorgeous succubus. The feared ancient vampire could crush a legion of humans but found it impossible to tame one redheaded beauty. Their tumultuous union periodically resulted in the succubus fleeing the underworld in an attempt to anger him. She’d do what she did best and that was ravish human men with her temptuous body. Her prowess in bed was her curse. It was at times like these Cyrus followed her into the world above.

This time, however, when she ran from Cyrus, she found a portal in time, traveling to the year nineteen-fifty-seven, looking to hide. But Cyrus could sniff out an opening in the time line.

Alkmene found herself a dark, handsome lover, a fallen archangel, who was ripe for the plucking. But she never figured on his lovely human conquest falling into the mix. Emmy Harris was an up and coming Hollywood starlet and the biggest thing to hit tinsel town in ages. Now Emmy became a pawn in the wicked games Cyrus and Alkmene played.

In a world called South Hedonism, all vices, indulgence, decadence, obsession and perversion flourish. All creatures foul, evil and corrupt exist in the evil inner cities. They come and go between both worlds and love to play above. However, they always return. Hell has its advantages.    

Glimpses of Midnight: Indulgence
JL Oiler

Carina Bellefleur is the only daughter of the dark lord of South Hedonism, Cyrus Bellefleur. Belonging to a city of indulgence and decadence has its privileges but the half vampire half succubus is having a difficult time finding someone, or better yet, more than just one someone, who can help her reach that ultimate orgasm. When a pair of human males are caught just outside the city walls, the subjects of the dark city desire nothing more than their immediate deaths. Carina, however, sees something special in the pair of well-endowed males.

Evan and Eric are the ultimate urban adventurers. Therefore, when they hear rumors of a city hidden beneath their own beloved New York, they can't help themselves. They have to try and find it. Now prisoners among creatures they'd never believed existed in their wildest dreams, the brothers find their fate rests in the hands of the city's sexy princess. 

They discover survival depends on providing Carina with the ultimate in sexual satisfaction before her father discovers humans within the walls of his city. In exchange, the feisty woman might lead them back topside. There's a catch however. What if they really don’t want to go home or she doesn’t want to let them?

We hope everyone enjoys our little project and invite you to visit and follow us at http://glimpsesofmidnight.blogspot.com/?zx=c511203b15ae6cc5

As always Thanks for Hosting us!
JL Oiler and Suzzana C. Ryan

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