28 October 2012

Howloween, Day Three!

Happy Sunday!

I was going to continue the story this morning, but thanks to a sleepover last night I forgot to sit down and write more. Silly brain. Instead, let's chat about what is the most terrifying thing in the world to us.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's really the only acceptable time to be all dark and creepy without anyone thinking too much about it. I love watching horror movies, too, and this time of year is awesome for tv!

But I also scare very easily. I watched this little film the other day (totally worth the watch, trust me):

And it really got me thinking. While the premise is horrific - I mean if I woke up and a lump that wasn't my husband was laying next to me, I'd probably pee myself. But is it the most horrifying?

What about at night, when I'm doing dishes and staring into the dark sunroom, seeing only myself reflected back? What if there's someone on the other side of that glass, looking in? I hate looking out of windows in the dark. Since I can't see what's coming, I am so afraid of pressing my face to the glass only to be eye to eye with someone.

I think that's my worst fear. Because at that point, you're just scared and caught off guard. Couple this with the fact I live in a quiet and dark cul-de-sac surrounded by trees and close to a highway, and you've got Paranoid Lindsay running around!

That's about all I can muster up this morning. Lazy brain on lazy Sundays. What scares you? Thanks for dropping in! Here's the link for the other participants.


Mel Bourn said...

I feel your lazy brain sentiment...hockey for 3 days has got me fried. I am not one for scary stuff. I try to stay away from anything that has an open bottom. I always thing a hand is going to reach out and grab me.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Shadow said...

Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! :)