01 October 2012

Guest Blogger: Kellie Kamryn!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Today, I've interviewed the lovely Kellie J Kamryn. Enjoy!

Welcome aboard! Tell us a little about yourself, please.

A former elite gymnast and coach, Kellie Kamryn is a full-time mom who spends her days as an occasional chauffeur, part-time cook, half-time maid, and arm-chair psychologist as Captain of her crew. In her free moments, she uses her imagination to write stories and poetry that sweep readers into other worlds. Whether you like it sweet or hot, Kellie is sure to write something that will melt your heart or your undies! A PRO member of the Romance Writers of America, she is also a contributing blogger for the Ass Cheek Angels.

What about your latest release?

Timing Is Everything

A few months after her cancer goes into remission, Cassie Marten’s libido awakens with a vengeance. How unfortunate she lusts after the office playboy who also happens to be her project manager at the architecture firm where she is employed. Travis Roy’s reputation as a ladies man is unjustified, yet he refuses to dispel it. Aware of what it costs him, he has kept his attraction to Cassie hidden until it threatens to consume him. Passion ignites between the two of them, and he worries the truth might not catch up to his lie. The two lovers convince themselves their relationship is only about casual sex. But when Cassie is forced to reveal her past medical condition, she learns she’s not the only one keeping a secret. 


When she broke away to breathe, he asked, “I guess that was good for you?”
“There are no words to describe how good that felt.” She grinned.
Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the tub nearly overflowing with water. “Shit!”
She giggled as he lunged over to turn the water off. He pulled up the stopper to let some of the water out, and she hopped off the counter to sidle up next to him. When the water level dropped some, he plugged the drain again and lowered himself into the water, offering her a hand.
Cassie grasped his palm, stepped into the tub and settled between his legs, the back of her head resting on his chest. He scooped up some water, letting it rain down on her breasts. Her satisfied moan was music to his ears.
“Thank you,” she whispered, tipping her face up to his.
The soft kiss made his erection swell further.
She wriggled back into it. “Mmmm…somebody’s poking me.”
The teasing tone of her voice made him smile against her lips. “You may address him as His Hardness.”
“His Hardness has a thing for me.”
He nodded, swiping a fingertip down her nose. “Uh-huh. For quite some time.”
“How could I have not noticed?”
“It seems you had other things on your mind. Your recovery, for one.”
She sighed. “Yes. That.”
He wrapped his arms around her in a protective manner, the urge swelling in his chest to confess he’d wished he had known what she’d been going through. Doesn’t matter now. He had a chance to pamper her, and he intended to do just that. After what she’d undoubtedly gone through, she deserved it.
He nuzzled the side of her head. “How did you manage while undergoing chemo?”
“Wasn’t easy. Luckily I had health insurance, and a partial trust fund to get by. My parents would send me money once in a while too. I also did some freelance work when I could manage it. It gave me something to focus on other than being sick, and easier to focus on living rather than not dying. I got the job at the firm at the tail end of my treatments.”
In awe, he tightened his hold on her. “You’re amazing.”
“No, I’m not. I’m just me. My reward came when I got the job at the firm. Cancer free and a job to boot.” She sighed and tipped her face to look at him. “No one knows at work. Please don’t say anything.”
“Honey, how can they not know? They should know. You need rest. You shouldn’t be working all the long hours that you do.”
She chuckled. “Long hours remind me I’m alive.”
“But you need to take care of yourself.”
“Who says I don’t?”
“Well, I didn’t mean—”
She cut him off by twisting her neck back to nip at his chin. “I work, eat and sleep.”
“That’s not a life.”
“It’s my life.” She settled back into him and hugged his arms close. “If we’re interrogating, explain why you let everyone think you’re some male whore?”
He laughed. “Are the rumors that bad?”
She shrugged. “I hear a few things. Mostly I ignore it. Did you really fuck Jenny from accounting?”
He couldn’t help the guffaw that escaped. “Do I really have to answer that?”
“I’ll take that as a yes, you did fuck her. She only had good things to say.”

Ok, let’s get down to the fun stuff. If you were stranded on a lush tropical island, and all of your basic needs were met, what two items would you have with you? What person would be with you? Remember, you’re stuck there for an indefinite period with only each other to occupy the time.

I’d love to say my ereader, and if my needs were met, then I’d have a device to charge it with! LOL, I’d have to say the people with me would be my kids, but I’m sure readers are looking for something more romantic than that ;)

You’re locked in a closet with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, three paperclips and a string. How do you get out?

Well, Johnny Depp seems pretty adept so I’d bat my eyelashes at him and ask sweetly if he could use one of the paper clips to jimmy the lock on the door. Then I’d sit in Colin Farrell’s lap, let him play with my hair while Kate Beckins sale and I play cat’s cradle using the string. Oh right – we’re supposed to get out! I’m sure after a few games, Kate would get frustrated with Colin’s fascination with my soft hair, and the fact a romance writer can’t write them out of the situation, so she’d just kick down the door with a booted foot, scaring the bejesus out of Johnny.

Name five things you can do with a pencil.

Stick it behind my ear, help my daughter do her homework, sharpen it, tap it on a desk, stab someone in the forehead with it which NEVER HAPPENED! That guy in grade school was teasing me and I pointed my pencil at him in frustration and his forehead landed on my pencil! To this day, he teases me still….

Who’s your favorite character from your book(s)? Why? Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

I’d have to say Sinclair from my new WIP. He’s hot, cocky, and I break him. hehehe…

Where can we find you around the vast interwebs?

www.kelliekamryn.com. Readers can also find me on facebook: www.facebook.com/KellieKamryn & twitter @KellieKamryn

What about your books? Where are they being sold at?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, ARe

Thanks for dropping in! Any last words?

Thanks for having me J

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