14 October 2011

Tour Stop: Benefits Of Sharing

Hi, folks! Today, I'm pleased to welcome Leslie Lee Sanders, author of Benefits of Sharing. First things first, to follow is a review of this novella and then the author's post on making time to write. Enjoy!


Cara Matthews is about to turn thirty, and for her, it’s the death of her youth and the beginning of the dull years. Her husband, James, is aware of her sudden grief and surprises her with something that should take her mind off of aging: young Isaac. Maybe Isaac can help Cara create her very own wild and crazy experience to share—in more ways than one—and help her transition smoothly from her twenties to her thirties. Cara is all too eager to finally experience the excitement she’s been desperately craving, but she’s also a little skeptical. Exactly who is Isaac, and why is he so eager to please?

I immediately connected with Cara from the first sentence of the story. Any reformed smoker will understand the anxiety she's feeling as she sucks on the end of a pencil in a vain effort to gain some cathartic puff.

This story is short and sweet, and makes for a smooth afternoon read. The author created a fantastic scenario and played it out in a steady progression. Fair warning: If you're not into the erotic side of romance, you might reconsider this one.

Sanders created several vivid scenes in this, and captured the emotions the character is feeling quite well. I enjoyed the story.

Guest post:

Making Time to Write

It would be great to spit out several novellas and a couple of novels a year like some fiction writers do. I would have something new for readers every month or so. However, I've always been a one-release-a-year type of writer. I just can't find the time to write.

Tending to three daughters, (one of which just turned a year old) a husband, and my job as a home health aide, leaves me with minimal time to write my sexy romances.

When I finally sit down to write, I write slow because I think about what I want to put down before I put it down. And thinking about how I want the story to go takes up a bit of my time.

Then I have to promote my recent release, which means I'm writing blogs and interviews, trying to keep current with my website and stay on the social networking scene as well. It all takes time away from my current WIPs. So as a result I end up releasing a book or two a year.

As a writer, one of the must-have skills is time management. You have to know how to dissect your time so everything gets done and you see progress in all your duties. And although all my duties get attention, it still takes me a long time to finish a novel.

But I'm determined to write. I mean, that's what I do. I write erotic fiction for my own escape and to provide others with an escape. Slow or not, I'll always make time to write.

Author Bio
The author of several books of fiction and fiction with spice, Leslie Lee Sanders spends most of her time writing erotic romances mostly in the MM and MMF categories. She currently has two books available for the late teen readers and several erotic romances published as e-books and in print.

Author Website & Blog: www.leslieleesanders.com
Free MMF erotic serial Three’s a Crowd online at: http://www.threesacrowd3.com
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/leslieleesanders

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Leslie Lee Sanders said...

Thanks for having me and thanks for the nice review! Glad you enjoyed Benefits of Sharing. :-)

Raven McAllan said...

loved this Lesley, thanks for sharing.