07 May 2011

Guest Blogger Em Petrova!

Please help me welcome Em Petrova! She's here today talking about cybersex. Ooooh...

Without further ado:

Can Cybersex Really Get You Off?

By Em Petrova

Sex is everywhere, from magazine ads to full frontal nudity on HBO, we’re exposed to it. And since we’ve adopted technology into our everyday lives, we see even more of it. Dating sites bring people together and after getting to know one another via emails, webcams and instant messaging, they might begin to feel emotionally attached to that person. Often they “hook up” before virtual dates, using Skype or other modes of communication to have sex.

So can you really get off this way? I have a few friends with husbands in the military, and this is a great way to stay connected. When you spend six months apart at a time, it’s important not to forget one another, and the best way to do that is through technology. Though you don’t get the benefit of skin-to-skin contact, your memories of your loved one will carry you through until you see each other again. These couples use masturbation, dirty talk, and visual stimulation to find release. It’s porn with your loved one as the star!

When it comes to cybersex, the cues can be easily read wrong. A single word might turn off your lover, or even frighten them. Without the benefit of being face-to-face, your words might sound harsh.

Some people like cybersex with strangers. The excitement adds that spice to their lives they’ve been missing. Others need an emotional tie to have sex via the internet.

So does it work? I’ve heard people say they use it often and others who have tried it and missed the lack of a warm, soft human. The brain is the biggest erogenous zone, so some well-timed words can do wonders for your desire. For some, cybersex fills a void in their relationships or lives. It keeps them feeling part of a long-distance relationship or even part of a new and exciting one.

Overall, cybersex is a growing trend. It’s also a topic which gets a lot of opposition and strong views about morality and values. I think most readers would agree with a “to each his own” mindset while we definitely do not want minors involved. If adults consent and they’re comfortable with the situation, good for them. Have a rousing mutual masturbation session via cam or talk dirty until those little words “I just came” pop onto your screen. As long as you don’t break the barriers of your comfort level, that’s great. After all pleasure comes in all forms.

Em Petrova

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