01 December 2011

Blog Hop Stop!

Hi, folks! Welcome to a blog hop for Madame Eve's 1NightStand holiday anthology. Today, I'm happy to welcome D.L. Jackson with an interview.


Please tell the readers a little about yourself: 

I’m a U.S. Army Veteran, so my writing often reflects a lot of that. I was also born and raised on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. I spent a lot of time daydreaming and I had a world, for a child, that was the ultimate place to be. My entertainment went as far as I could stretch my creativity. I think all of this carried over to make me a better artist and writer.

How about your latest release?

I have two this month, but the latest is my Christmas Story, This Endris Night. Even though this cover has a polar bear on it, the story is science fiction. I’m considering writing a few more stories in this world with my “doppelgangers”

What was your primary inspiration for this book?  

A Christmas Carol from the 16th century. We had to name our story after a Carol, and this one brought a doozie of a story to mind.

Thys endris nygth
I saw a sygth,
A stare as brygt as day;
And ever among
A mayden song
Lullay, by by, lullay.

It said to me, look up, something supernatural is happening.

Do you have any muses?  

Real people? I’m inspired by life around me. For instance here are some observations from one day.
I’m driving behind a truck with a trailer, it’s giving off a cloud of noxious exhaust. As I pull up alongside to pass, the wrap on the door says, “Save Mother Earth, Recycle.”

A large muscled man with a shaved and tattooed head, leather from head to toe, climbs off an impressive Harley outside the convenience store, unzips his jacket and pulls out a Pomeranian He walks her around on a leash.

I saw a crow with a discarded McDonald’s bag, the top rolled down and clutched in its beak, hopping across the road, like he’d just gone through the drive through.

When you open your eyes up and take a look around you, the world can be your muse. I know it’s mine.

Do you control your characters or do they flog you into shape?  

They do their own thing. I’m only along for the ride.

When you write, is there a special routine you follow?  

I write in my vehicle and it’s the only place I can write.

If you could be one animal, person, or at a place for a day what/who/where would it be? 

I would have loved to see ancient Greece first hand, the Spartans, Troy, and the Parthenon. They had running water and conveniences a lot of the ancient cultures didn’t.

Five random facts about you: 

I’m a grandmother (young grandmother)

I’m an award-winning artist. I have a recommended black belt. I’m Dyslexic. I’m a hell of a shot with a rifle.

Are you working on any new releases later this year? 

Yes, but more for stories that will release at the beginning of the year. I have a story contracted for Decadent’s new Edge Series that will be coming out in the near future, and one I’m polishing for submission for the same series. I also have a story for their new science fiction line I’m working on. I have a second book that follows my Blown Away series with Passion in Print, nearly done and two others I’m polishing up for that series. A story that follows my award winning futuristic novel, Slipping the Past with Liquid Silver Books, nearly ready to go. A young adult science fiction novel. A military erotic romance about a female sniper. And…

I think that’s all for now. I have more, but I’m not working on them at the moment.

Anything else you’d like to say? 

Happy Holidays. May you have a wonderful season with your family, whatever holidays you celebrate, wherever in the world you are.

Contact info:
Website:  http://authordljackson.com
Blog:  http://backwardmomentum.blogspot.com
FaceBook: D L Jackson
Twitter:  Dlaree69

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D L Jackson said...

Thanks for having me, Lindsay, and Happy December.

Clarissa Yip said...

D.L...I swear I learn new things about you every time!