09 February 2012

Blog Hop: Deena Remiel!

Welcome, welcome! Happy Thursday. I'm hosting Deena Remiel today, author of Relic. Enjoy!

Please tell the readers a little about yourself:

Well, I’m a mother of two girls - preteen and teenager. I’m taking condolences, thank you! I’ve been married for about 19 years to a wonderful man. For 21 years I’ve taught kids, and for the last 5 years, strictly language arts (reading and writing). I love music of all kinds and going to bars that do sing-alongs. If they let me dance, I love it even more. My husband and I have an open marriage. You see, I’m having an affair with chocolate. It’s been going on for years now and he knows all about it. He actually encourages it, especially on holidays. I love scrapbooking and have documented our family’s vacations. My best ideas pop up in the shower. My angels are very thankful.

How about your latest release?

Relic, second book in the Brethren Series, releases on January 27th, and I couldn’t be happier! It picks up where Trinity, the first book in the Brethren Series ends.

What was your primary inspiration for this book?

I wanted to know how Raphael was going to pick himself up and move on after what happened in Trinity. I was intrigued by him and wanted to know his history. And I wanted it to be heart-wrenching!

Do you have any muses? 

Interesting you should ask! I just met with a medium and she told me I have an angelic muse! I had no idea I had one. I’ve been convinced I had no muse whatsoever. She’s female with long brown flowing hair. Guess that’s why I write about angels.

Do you control your characters or do they flog you into shape?

It’s a tenuous balancing act. I give them parameters and then let them roam freely within them.  It’s a happy coexistence. When I open myself up to listen to their stories, it goes much better.

When you write, is there a special routine you follow?

I usually read what I wrote last to get back in the frame of mind. I get my snacks and drink ready and sit on my office couch. I can’t listen to music, like many other authors do because the melodies and lyrics distract me.

If you could be one animal, person, or at a place for a day what/who/where would it be?

I would like to be a butterfly on Adrian Paul’s shoulder as he goes about his day. I’ve had such a crush on him! Do you remember him? He was the Highlander on the TV series adaptation of the Highlander movies. “There can be only one!” Hee hee

Five random facts about you:

I would love to have a real angel wings tattoo, but I HATE PAIN! So I have to settle for removable.
I would love to live full-time in Disney World.
I play piano, but would love to learn the flute and guitar.
I enjoy painting abstract art on canvas.
I love photography.

Are you working on any new releases later this year?

Yes, I’m working on the third book in the Brethren Series, Elixxir. I tell ya, I’m LOVING this story, too! Hee hee

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks so much for hosting me and my angels on your site! 

Contact info (Facebook, Twitter, website, blog):

Flash Fiction!

The gun fired and recoiled with such force it rattled the fragile bones in my hand and left a lingering tingling sensation.  I rested the lethal weapon on the kitchen counter and smiled smugly. There he laid, a bloody mess, with the shrapnel of his innards splayed about on the floor around him. He’d always been such a pest. Ever since I’d moved into the house. Day in a day out he took advantage of me until I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I’d thought to do away with him a long time ago, however, my nerves always got the better of me. That is until I heard the news about the diseases he carried and realized it was no longer safe to live with him. So I did it. I shot him dead. Mr. Rat is gone!


Raphael, a Brethren Savior, an angel with a forgotten past, has lost his power to heal and is on a self-imposed guilt trip to get it back.

Serena Sikes is a wanted woman. Desired by “undesirables” for a stolen relic and its suspected healing powers, she is hunted down in the Arizona desert and left for dead.

Raphael and Serena are inexorably bound together, for locked deep within the relic’s heart is the soul of his long lost wife. Danger lurks around every corner as Raphael tries to keep both Serena and his dead wife’s soul alive and lustful temptation at bay.

Three souls bound together by an ancient relic, bound by a timeless gift, and bound by a love that is eternal.

About The Author:
It was the mystique of Arizona’s history and landscape that called to Deena and catapulted her career as an author. When she’s not writing romance novels and poetry in the wee, small hours of the morning or in the deep, dark of night, Deena teaches language arts to middle school students. She currently lives in Gilbert with her husband and two children, but New Jersey will always tug at her heartstrings. She loves connecting with her fans, so find her at deenaremiel.com. 


Deena said...
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Deena said...

NEW RELEASE PRICING! RELIC and the first book, TRINITY, are only 99CENTS at amazon.com for a limited time!


Thanks so much for hosting RAPHAEL, SERENA, and RELIC here today, LINDSAY! It's wonderful to be here, and you're a fabulous host!

booklover0226 said...

I read Trinity and loved it. I can't wait to continue this series by reading Relic.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Deena said...

Thanks Tracey! I love seeing you around! :D