03 February 2012

RWA Blog Hop: Romantic Suspense

Welcome, and happy Friday! Today, I'm part of a tour for the RWA mystery romance writers members, and happy to host Phyllis Humphrey. Enjoy!

Why Romantic Suspense is the Best Genre:

Today’s readers have lots of choices. Just in the romance category, there is contemporary, historical, paranormal, and fantasy, among others. But, in my opinion--and that of thousands of buyers of e-books last year--romantic suspense is the best.

And why not? It covers the two most engaging aspects of the reading experience, as well as life itself. "Love makes the world go around," and none of us would be here without it. In addition, we also have a universal need for safety and protection. As Sherlock Homes might say, "Elementary, my dear Watson." So, combining these two necessities into romantic suspense satisfies the reader more than any other type of novel.

Knowing that, the mystery/suspense chapter of Romance Writers of America--called Kiss of Death, or KOD--is the place to go for help in crafting those stories. After all, every story needs conflict, and that’s what mystery and suspense is about. Second, KOD helps with details. Got a question about weapons, legal problems, medical techniques? Some member will know all about it. Third, Lethal Ladies will critique your work as you submit chapters, and they can get or keep you on the right track. I know from personal experience with my romantic suspense novel.
Finally, the chapter holds contests--the fabulous Daphne du Maurier Awards--for both published and unpublished writers Add the "Death by Chocolate" party held at the RWA Conference and you have a combination (dare I say it?) "to die for."

Phyllis is one of the many talented authors who belong to the Romance Writers of America’s Kiss of Death chapter. At Kiss of Death we believe that every great romance should include suspense. Whether a spy thriller in Regency times, a paranormal romance with a revenge-seeking zombie, or a traditional serial killer after the heroine, romance relies on suspense, leading the reader through the trials of the heroine and hero to see if they will get their happily ever after ending. If you can call your writing suspenseful, then the Kiss of Death has something for you! Find out more and join at http://www.rwamysterysuspense.org and follow us on Twitter at @RWAKissofDeath.

Find out more about Phyllis on her website at http://phyllishumphrey.com/ .

North By Northeast, by Phyllis Humphrey:

A young school teacher boards a luxurious train for a relaxing week-long excursion from New Orleans to Washington D.C., but soon becomes an unwitting player in an intruige involving kidnapping and robbery. The culprit is apparently aboard the train but his (or her) identity is unknown. Even the handsome love interest she has met on-board may be involved. Who is he, really, and what part will he play in all this?

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Larissa Reinhart Hoffman said...

Great post Phyllis! Love hearing all the different viewpoints from KOD!